Doughp: A Legit Cookie Dough Review

Doughp is an energetic young company with a creative name, and there is an inspiring story behind it as well. Not to mention the fact that their products taste delicious! (this comes from personal experience).


At Product Review Hero we are always searching for the best and brightest new companies to review for our readers. We love innovation, we love quality products, and we love companies that stand for something and make a difference. Doughp hits the mark on all three. We’ll take you on a Doughp journey from Shark Tank to Vegas, and at the end we’ll encourage you to try their “legit cookie dough”. We bet you will love it….we did!

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What Is Doughp?

Doughp is an egg-free, safe to eat, raw cookie dough bar. Kind of like a kid’s (or an adult’s) dream right? The company was founded in 2017 and offers a variety of different flavors with fun names like Cookie Monsta (cookies & cream), I Need Smore (s’mores), Ride Or Die (chocolate chip), and Basic Bae (confetti). They even have a new healthier option called “Doughpamine” that is vegan, gluten-free, and keto friendly.

Doughp was a smash hit right out of the box, doing almost $1 million dollars in revenue it’s first year, and the company has continued to grow ever since. They are hip, fun, have great products, and people like them.  

Who Started Doughp?

Doughp was founded by Kelsey Moreira, a california girl with a sweet tooth and a dream. Kelsey worked in the tech world for ten years, and during that time developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. After getting sober in 2015 she decided to rekindle her love for baking. She ended up discover a great vegan substitute for eggs, which made it safe to eat one of her favorite things…raw cookie dough. As a result of this discovery, and with a desire to make a difference in the world, Doughp was born.

Doughp Las Vegas

Where Is Doughp Located?

Doughp is currently located on the strip in Las Vegas. The have a hip, booze-free cookie bar inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, where they are open from 10am to 12am daily. Keep your eyes out for new locations as they do plan on expanding in the future.

Where Can I Buy Doughp?

Hey, great question! If you aren’t within driving distance of Vegas, you can always buy Doughp Cookie Dough online on their official website. They offer free shipping nationwide, and your order will get to you in 7-10 days. Believe us when we tell you, it’s worth the wait. 

The Doughp Menu

You have three different options when you order Doughp online.

Self Control: 20 ounces of cookie dough in a sampler box. It’s 4 x 5oz single-serving cups of dough. You can get them all in one flavor, or you can order the sampler pack. We think it’s a great way to try each flavor.

Fully Commit: This is Doughp’s top seller and is 64 ounces of “legit cookie dough”. You get 4 x 16oz pints of dough to enjoy at your leisure. 

Doughpamine: As we mentioned previously, this is Doughp’s healthy option. It comes in one flavor (chocolate chip) and you can buy it in a 2-pack (16oz pints) or a 4-pack. 

Doughp Ingredients

Kelsey takes pride in the simplicity of her homemade recipe. It starts with just 7 natural ingredients that have names you can actually pronounce and don’t sound like a chemical you would find in your oven cleaner. It’s just flour, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, flaxseed, salt, and baking soda. Additional ingredients are added depending on the flavor, but she’s all about keeping it natural and simple.


Doughp Cookie Dough can be eaten raw or baked. It is safe for 2 weeks at room temparature, 45 days in the fridge, or one year in the freezer.

How Doughp Is Made

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the options Doughp offers, so that you can decide which on is right for you.

Self Control


Self Control

Self Control is the perfect name for these little bundles of goodness. The small size of the containers keeps you from stuffing yourself with an entire pint of cookie dough. It’s a great way to get into the Doughp family and figure out what you like the best. Sure, you can get them all in one flavor, but we recommend the variety pack so that you can try each one.


Each container is 5oz, which is enough for a snack, but not so much that it’ll drive you to the couch for a nap. C’mon, you know what I mean. We’ve all been there. You can bake this dough if you want to, but it seems like most people choose to eat it raw. Especially in these smaller portions.


Fully Commit


Fully commit

Fully Commit is Doughp’s top seller, and invites you to dive into the cookie dough experience with both feet. At more than triple the size of the Self Control pack, you will have dough to share with family and friends. If you’re feeling generous that is. Otherwise, you can hoard it in your fridge or freezer and keep all the delectable goodness for yourself. 


Once again, you have the option of choosing a single flavor or getting the variety pack. We don’t know which to recommend because they are all so good. We really like “Cookie Monsta”, but not by a wide margin. Truth be told, we like them all. If you ordered from Doughp before, you will notice that their packaging recently changed. Don’t be alarmed, the dough is the same.





Not only does Doughpamine make you feel good, it tastes good too. A lot of snacks with protein powder in them are like trying to eat dry peanut butter, and need to be washed down with a gallon of water, but not Doughpamine. This stuff is actually really good, and It’s great for people who are health conscious or on the keto diet, and don’t have a lot of options.



Now, we will admit, it doesn’t taste the same as, nor is it quite as good as, their regular dough, but for a healthy snack it’s amazing. It contains 8 grams of protein per serving, 5 net carbs, and 0 grams of sugar. Doughpamine is chocolate chip flavored and comes in 16oz containers. It can be purchased in 2 or 4 packs.


Doughp Gift Cards

$35 - $500

Doughp Gift Card

Don’t know what to get that hard to shop for person on your list? Give the gift of Doughp!


Personally I love gift cards like this. They are delivered electronically, so even if I have waited until the last minute and all the stores are closed, I can still come through and look like I have it all together. Also, there are no extra processing fees when you purchase a Dough Card. What you see is what you get.


They are available in different denominations from $35 – $500. 


P.S. If you want to give me a gift, I’d love one of these!

Doughp On Shark Tank

Yes, Doughp was on Shark Tank! In 2019 Kelsey went on the show seeking $450,000 for 10% equity in her company. She wasn’t able to strike a deal that day. Mark Cuban said he loved her business model, and that he believed it was a good investment, but that he wasn’t quite comfortable backing an “unhealthy” company.


This doesn’t seem to have slowed Kelsey down in the least. If anything, her appearance on the show helped to build brand awareness. Doughp is growing rapidly and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Doughp For Hope

As a recovering alcoholic herself, Kelsey has a passion to help others who are trapped in substance abuse or who suffer from mental illness. For this reason she started Doughp For Hope whose clever tagline is: Buy Doughp, Gove Hope.


Doughp donates 1% of company sales to a nonprofit that provides mental health care and substance abuse treatment. She also sometimes offers special flavors in her store of which all of the proceeds are donated to different charitable organizations. 


We are a big fan of Doughp. In fact, we think it’s pretty dope. We love Kelsey’s back story, and the fact that she is using her success to make a difference. We also love her products. The idea is innovative, the recipe is simple, and the dough is delicious. We are excited to see what she comes up with next.

We encourage you to support Kelsey and her company by ordering your own Doughp today. While you are at it, save yourself $10 by using our promo code below.

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