Zumio: The Complete Review

This Zumio review is a little different than most of the articles we publish here at Product Review Hero. I was debating about whether or not I should write it, as it is a little more risque than usual. But the company does meet our criteria for being unique, innovative, and producing a quality product. And hey…it’s 2020 right?


Anyway, once I dug in I had a lot of fun with it. If it is a topic you are interested in, I hope this will provide you with all the info you need to make an educated buying decision. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.


If you decide that you would rather go with a more traditional vibrator, I recommend our friends over at Monster Pub. They are another great company that sells a top quality product.

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What Is Zumio?

Zumio is the “un-vibrator” vibrator. It’s a personal stimulating tool that uses rotation instead of vibration to achieve some pretty exhilarating results. This new technology allows you to explore your body without the numbness and noise caused by traditional vibrators. It’s pressure sensitive and has 8 different speed settings, so that you can adjust it until it perfectly matches what your body needs.


The customer reviews can be a little bit juicy, but they certainly speak to the effectiveness of Zumio’s system. We will include a few of them later on for you to read. We’ve also included their info video here, so you can see how it all works.

A Brief History

Zumio was created by a busy single mom who realized she needed to be able to get the most out of the few minutes of alone time that she got every day. She had tried normal vibrators, but wasn’t impressed. Besides, they were often bulky and loud. 


She wanted something that mimicked the natural circular motion of a fingertip, but that was also quite and discreet. When she couldn’t find anything like that in the marketplace, she decided to invent Zumio.

Where Can I Get One?

As of right now, Zumio doesn’t have any brick and mortar retail stores. This enables them to keep costs down and make their products available at lower prices. If you want to give it a try, you can get yours online (with free shipping) by clicking the big red button below.

Zumio's Products

Zumio's Products

Zumio currently has 3 different models. The X, S, and E. Personally I would have arranged them to spell sex, but they never do on their website. 


The models differ in the length and flexibility of their stems as well as the shape of their head. Each one is capable of providing a different level of stimulation, with S being the least intense and E being the most intense. Keep in mind that each model also has 8 different speeds, so you can adjust your level of stimulation even within models.



In the next section I’ll go over what I love about this product, and get into the details. Then I will answer some frequently asked questions.

Zumio X


I decided to go with the X because it was the middle of the road. Not quite as intense as the E, but definitely more intense than the S. And let me tell you, this thing is impressive. 


First of all, the packaging is very discreet, which is good. Nobody wants to be getting strange looks from their mailman. 


The Zumio itself has a nice feel to it, and fits easily in the palm of your hand. The controls are simple. Just a figure 8 style button to adjust the speed (it has 8 speed settings) and an on/off button. The on/off button has a lockout mode for travel, that way it doesn’t accidentally get bumped on in your luggage. I thought this was a thoughtful feature, as that could be quite embarrassing.

Using Your Zumio

When you turn it on, the first thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is, and the fact that there is little to no vibration. Instead, the tip rotates, or oscillates at varying speeds depending on how you set it.


Even though Zumio was originally designed for solo use, it is also a lot of fun to use with a partner (use your imagination here). 


It’s pressure sensitive, so the intensity adjusts not only with the speed setting, but also based on how much pressure you apply. You can push gently for rapid rotation, or push harder for slower, deeper stimulation. 


All Zumio models are 100% waterproof, so they can be completely submerged in the bath or shower. This also makes them really easy to clean. 


I’m not going to get into all the details of my personal experience with Zumio, but suffice it to say that it works, and it works really, really, well.

Charging Your Zumio

Zumio charges wirelessly. A lot like an electric toothbrush. Just find a place to keep your base plugged in and your Zumio can rest in it’s cradle whenever it is not being used. FYI, the batter is small enough that is can safely be put in your carry-on luggage if you are traveling. I would not recommend using it on the plane however!

The Zumio Warranty

This company stands behind their products, which is why all of their models are backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty.


Is Zumio Body Safe?

Yep, it sure is. It’s made from materials like medical grade silicone and high performance thermoplastics.

Is Zumio As Strong As A Vibrator?

Vibrators put out more overall energy, but Zumio delivers highly concentrated energy to smaller area. It’s more like a precision instrument as compared to a blunt object.

What Is The Usage Time For A Fully Charged Zumio?

Between one and three hours depending on how hard you press, with around 2 hours being the average.

Can Zumio Be Used With Lubes Or Gels

Zumio can be used with water based lubricants, but not with silicon based lubricants.

Zumio Reviews

I know that lots of times before I make a purchase, I like to hear what other users are saying. Here are some reviews for your reading pleasure.

Zumio Review


Zumio is turning the vibrator industry on it’s head. Of course there will still be people who prefer good old fashioned vibrators, but for a lot of women, this is exactly what they have been waiting for. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it makes a lot of sense. Simulating the natural movement of the finger was a genius idea. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it sooner.


It’s obvious that a lot of thought what put into product design. From discreet packaging, to being 100% waterproof, to the easy wireless charging system, everything has been thought through to create the ultimate user experience.


This company is on solid footing, and they turn out high quality product. I am personally excited to see what they come up with next!

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