Valley Food Storage - The Complete Review

Ever heard of Valley Food Storage? I hadn’t…but when the Novel Coronavirus hit the US in early 2020, a lot of things began to happen very quickly. Shelves were wiped clean, it became hard to find essentials (toilet paper anyone?), and it forced me to think about how prepared I was to endure an extended economic shutdown. Basically, a survival situation.


After finding and acquiring a suitable stock of toilet paper, I began to look into long-term food options. However, I discovered that I was a little late to the party and many companies were already sold out. Wait, you mean this is something you are supposed to think about ahead of time, not in the moment of crisis? Who knew?


On the flip side, this gave me time to research different survival food companies which introduced me to Valley Food Storage. In the following review, I’ll take you on a tour of the company and their offerings and show you why I feel that they are the go-to supplier for your long term food needs.

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Why Valley Food Storage?

There are plenty of options for survival food in this post Corona era. So why do I recommend Valley Food? 


I took several factors into consideration such as price, ease of use, calorie counts, and shelf life, but the main reason I love Valley Food Storage is the quality of their ingredients. Here is a breakdown of my favorite features.

Why Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage Products

Long Term Kits

These Long Term Kits are the “bread & butter” of Valley Food Storage. Each bucket contains a variety of breakfast, lunch, and entree selections supplemented with fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The meals are stored in 21 full-sized, resealable mylar bags. One bucket contains a total of about 27,000 calories.


What types of meals are in these buckets you ask? I will show you the full list of different food offerings in the following sections.


You can purchase the kits in 6 different configurations starting at one bucket for $249 all the way up to 24 buckets for $4599. The more you purchase, the cheaper each meal becomes. For instance, if you purchase just one bucket you will pay $1.42 per serving. If you go for the 24 buckets, you will be paying just $1.10 per serving.


Valley Food Breakfast

Valley Foods has 8 different breakfast choices to keep you from getting bored. Survival breakfasts can be hard to do well, but these ones are pretty good. Here is what they offer:


As with all of their food, the ingredients are simple. Take the Apple Oatmeal for instance. It’s just oats, sugar, apple granules, brown sugar, non-fat milk, and salt.

You can buy as little as one bag (10 servings) or as much as 20 bags, for which you would receive a 10% discount.

Valley Food Lunch & Dinner

For lunch and dinner entrees, you have 12 different offerings to choose from.


They are all hearty, and simple. They look delicious and have rave customer reviews.

Valley Food Fruits & Vegetables

If you aren’t looking for full meals but want some fruits and vegetables to hold you over in case of an emergency, Valley Foods offers just that. Whether you get one bag or a whole bucket you can rest assured knowing you wont be putting any additives or artificial fillers into your body. Each of these fruits and vegetable contains only one ingredient.

Valley Food Protein

Need some extra protein to keep you going? You’ll find it here. These six different options make a nice addition to a meal, or can be used throughout the day to keep your energy up.

Valley Food Dessert

Valley Foods Dessert

When is comfort food more appreciated than in an emergency situation. Hello freeze dried ice cream. Each bag comes with six bars of ice cream in three popular flavors (mint chocolate chip, cookies & cream, and strawberry). It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and it will last for 2 years. It might not be quite the same as the ice cream you are used to, buy it’ll sure do in a pinch.


Valley Food’s ice cream has no GMO’s, no artificial ingredients, and no added hormones. It’s made with real premium ingredients, and it’s pretty delicious.


Survival food is one of those things you buy, but hope you never have to use. If an emergency does come up however, you sure will be glad you have it. 


In a survival situation, maintaining your health is just as important as having food, water, and shelter. That’s why it is so crucial to be fueling your body with healthy foods. This is what makes Valley Food Storage shine compared to some of their competitors. Their food is simple, tasty, well priced, and most importantly, healthy. They’ve chosen not to go the cheap route and bump up calories with fillers, rice, or junk food. All of their meals are made with simple ingredients, and real food.


A couple of additional wins for Valley Food are their 100% satisfaction guarantee and their Family Table Rewards system. This rewards system enables you to get gradually larger discounts the more you shop. They also have a referral program where you can get a $25 discount code for referring friends and family.


If stocking up on survival food is on your agenda, I heartily recommend checking out Valley Food Storage.

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