Kraken Kratom: The Complete Review

Kratom is a hot topic these days, and Kraken is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. They have earned their place in this competitive market by providing excellent products coupled with stellar customer service.


Kraken has a huge selection, and a website full of useful information. They are one of the few Kratom companies that is GMP compliant, and they offer nice features such as free same-day shipping and a rewards program.


In this review, I will give you the rundown on who Kraken is and what they offer, as well as some more general information about kratom itself. As always, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to message me.


Disclaimer: Product Review Hero does not in any way recommend or condone the use of Kratom and cannot be held responsible for any negative side effects.

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What Is Kraken Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that grows naturally in certain Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Borneo. It has palm sized leaves and can grow to be up to 80 feet tall.


When people talk about kratom, they are usually referring to the dried leaves of this tree. The leaves can be ground into a powder and mixed with food or drink, put into capsules and swallowed, or they can be used to make tea.


People native to the countries where kratom grows have been using it as a pain reliever for hundreds of years. It is only in the last decade or so that it has become increasingly popular across the world.

Why Use Kratom?

At the time of this writing (summer of 2020), Kratom is still largely unregulated and there has not been much scientific research done on its effects. However, this hasn’t stopped people from using it for both medicinal and recreational purposes.  


Kratom can have different effects on the body depending on several factors such as, where the trees are grown, at what stage the leaves are harvested, and how much you take. 


Some of the main reasons that people use Kratom are: pain relief, relief from chronic illness, help sleeping, improved mood, more energy, enhanced focus, and to help them relax.

Kraken Kratom

About Kraken

Kraken is family owned and operated, and is based in Portland, Oregon. Their mission is to provide consistent, high-quality natural herbal products to their customers.


They specialize in the procurement and sale of botanicals such as kratom, kava, and CBD.

Kraken's Commitment To Quality

When you make a purchase from Kraken, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality kratom on the market. Kraken has become the most recognized brand of online kratom, and this is partly due to the excellent quality and consistency of their products.


In order to ensure that they only provide the absolute best kratom out there, they have created and implemented the highest quality standards in the industry. All of their products undergo comprehensive lab testing, and nothing but the best makes it through to the end product.


In fact, Kraken is the first company ever to be recognized as an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Kratom Vendor.

Kraken quality Assurance

Kraken Kratom Products


As you browse the Kraken site, you will notice that there are multiple different types of kratom with different country and color names. The countries refer to certain characteristics of the kratom and don’t necessarily mean that the plants were grown there. However, all kratom varieties that contain the same country name will be very similar to each other. The colors refer to the maturity of the leaves at the time they were harvested.


Some people claim that the different strains and colors have different effects. This is somewhat subjective, and the best way to find out for sure, is just to try them for yourself.


Kava is an herbal remedy made from the roots of the Piper Methysticum plant that is found on islands such as Figi and Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. It’s name means “intoxicating pepper” and it affects the human body much like alcohol, making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy.

Although this review is centered around kratom specifically, Kraken does sell Kava on their site, and I will briefly detail the products they have available.

Kraken Kratom Tea Powder & Leaf

$8.15 - $57.99

This is Kraken’s top selling category, with the favorite choice being the Bali Kratom in both leaf and powder forms. If you have never tried kratom before, it is recommended that you start here!


Both the leaf and powder are made from grinding up the dried leaves of the kratom tree. The powder is very finely ground and can be added to food, drinks, or put into capsules and swallowed. The leaf is less finely ground and is perfect for making tea.


As with all of their products Kraken uses only the finest strains of high-quality kratom to make their leaf and powder, and they guarantee your satisfaction 100%

Kraken on Trust Pilot
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Kraken Kratom Extract & Enhanced Tea

$19.95 - $169.99

Kratom extract looks similar to kratom powder, but it is actually quite different. Extract is made through a much longer alkaloid processing method which makes it up to 15 times stronger than regular Kratom powder. For this reason, you can consume a much smaller amount of extract and get the same results. In fact, if you have never used extract before, you need to be careful that you don’t take too much.

Kraken sells multiple different strains of Kratom extract and you can find details about each one, as well as more details on the extraction process on their website.

Kraken Kratom Tea Capsules

$15.45 - $96.99

Kraken’s kratom capsules can be a good alternative to powder and leaf, especially if you don’t like the taste of kratom tea. The capsules are convenient, easy to swallow, and tasteless.


You can either buy the pre-made capsules from Kraken, or you can get empty capsules and fill them yourself using powder. If you fill your own capsules it gives you the ability to completely customize both your serving size and the blend of powders you use. This is a pretty attractive feature to some users.

Kraken Kava Tea & Extract

$4.95 - $49.95

There isn’t as much information on Kraken’s website about kava as there is for kratom. In fact, I think there is less knowledge out there about Kava in general. We do know that it can help to relax you and has been used in traditional medicine.


If you are a fan of kava, you can rest assured knowing that Kraken puts it through the same meticulous quality assurance process that their kratom goes through, so you are absolutely getting a top quality product.

Kraken Kratom Customer Rewards

Kraken has a pretty cool rewards system where you can earn points for buying products as well as completing certain actions on their site.


Your rewards last for 90 days and can be used to purchase to purchase Kraken products. 100 points equals $1 in product credit.

Buy Kraken Using Bitcoin

Yep, you can buy Kraken products using Bitcoin, and when you do, Kraken will discount your order by 10%


Like I said in the beginning, Product Review Hero does not condone the use of Kratom. However, it is something that is growing in popularity and acceptance, so we wanted to cover it for our readers.

If you do choose to use Kratom, you won’t find a better company to buy it from than Kraken. These guys are on top of their game, and their business is thriving for a reason. 

The care and effort they put into making sure their products are the absolute best is unrivaled, and their customer service team is second to none.

We may not recommend kratom, but we do recommend Kraken.

Product Review Hero
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