Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes first hit the scene in the spring of 2019 and almost immediately began causing a stir in the cosmetics industry. This term is now Google searched thousands of times every month as more and more people hear about them and wonder what they are all about. 


We were aware of Tori Belle Cosmetics early on and wrote a full review about the company shortly after it started. However, since magnetic lashes are by far their most popular product, and since so many people are interested in the topic, we decided to dedicate an entire review just to the lashes themselves.


We will start out by giving you a brief background on the company, followed by detailed information about the lashes and styles, and we’ll wrap up with some tutorial videos containing the best tips and tricks, so that you know how to get the most out of your Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes.


As always, feel free to use the Table of Contents to skip to the part that interests you most. 

Table of Contents

The Tori Belle Magnetic Lash Story

Who Started Tori Belle?

Tori Belle was founded by Seattle native, Laura Hunter. In 2018 Laura became the first person to invent magnetic eyeliner and brought it to market by founding a company called LashLiner


As LashLiner began to succeed and grow, Laura saw the potential to pass this success on to others. Her idea came to fruition in the form of Tori Belle Cosmetics. Tori Belle was launched in April 2019 as a direct sales company that allows affiliates to sign up  and benefit from the immense popularity of Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes. While Tori Belle has expanded their product line to include other cosmetic products, the magnetic lashes have always been their best seller.

About Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

In the past two years, magnetic lashes have literally revolutionized the beauty industry. There were different attempts at making them work before, but this was the first time they were used with magnetic eyeliner, which finally made them both affordable and easy to use.


Tori Belle has taken LashLiner’s trend setting design and built upon it to come up with brand new styles and ideas. Last October they released the first of their Illusion series, which is a lighter magnetic lash that is designed to be used with their all new Magnetic Mascara.

Sparkle Magnetic Lashes
Mystic Magnetic Lashes

What Makes Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes The Best?

There are a lot of different magnetic lashes available in the marketplace today. After other companies saw the success of LashLiner, they were quick to come up with their own versions of the product. The problem we’ve seen is that most of these companies didn’t put the same amount of time and care into designing their lashes as Laura did, and their quality has suffered as a result. 


There are several different reasons why we think Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes (and LashLiner) are the number one choice out of all the magnetic lash options on the market today. We will share a few of them with you here.

Product Quality

We don’t claim to have seen all the lashes out there, but we have seen quite a few, and none of them compare to Tori Belle when it comes to product quality. All you have to do is hold them in your hands to feel the difference. Tori Belles lashes are heavier and better made, which equals more durability and more uses than the competitors.

Made In The USA

We are all familiar with the quality of a lot of the stuff that comes from China these days. Tori Belle’s Products are made in the USA which is a huge plus for us. Not only are you getting better quality cosmetics, but you are supporting American jobs as well!

Customer Service

Tori Belle stands behind their products and they are fully committed to serving their customers well. Tori Belle affiliates are taught to make customer service the utmost priority, and in additions to the nationwide affiliate network, Tori Belle has a fully staffed support team that operates out of their office in Washington. If you need help with something you can simply message your favorite affiliate or even contact Tori Belle directly via FB or their website.

Where Can I Buy Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes?

Hey, great question! As we mentioned, Tori Belle is a direct sales company, so lash sales are handled through their nationwide network of almost 30,000 affiliates.


Whenever we review a direct sales company, we generally sign up for their program, so that we can get the inside scoop on both the products and the business opportunity. If the company meets our standards for product quality and customer service we will often remain with them and promote their products to our readers. Tori Belle is no exception, and this means that you can shop for Magnetic Lashes right here on Product Review Hero!

Tori Belle Magnetic Lash Review

$35.00 (single) - $55.00 (bundle)

Magnetic Lash Styles

At the time of this writing, Covid-19 is in full swing and many of the lash styles are sold out. Tori Belle is doing their best to get them back in stock. If you don’t see the style you are looking for on their site, just know that it is probably sold out and will be available again as soon as stock is replenished.


Tori Belle currently has nine different styles of Lashes ranging from very natural (Nature Bunny), to long and extravagant (Selfie). Their newest release is called Sparkle, and contains six dazzling crystals per lash. They also have a couple of new styles out in their illusion series, which are the lashes that are designed to be used with their magnetic mascara

Magnetude Illusion Magnetic Lashes

As we referenced above, Tori Belle has a special series of lashes that are designed specifically to be used with their magnetic mascara. These can be easily identified because they always come with two pairs of lashes per box. This is because the Illusion lashes are lighter and not as durable as the other lashes, so they don’t last quite as long. 


The beauty of the Illusion lashes is that you don’t have to use any eyeliner. So, if for some reason, you don’t like to wear liner, these are the lashes for you. Magnetude Magnetic Mascara goes on just like normal mascara, and the illusion lashes get laid right on top of your natural lashes, and stick to it. It’s really pretty genius.

Magnetic Lash Bundles

The lash bundles are a great deal, and come with lashes, magnetic liner, and 8 bonus anchors. Anchors provide extra hold in case you are going to be out on a windy day, going for a motorcycle ride, or something like that. However, we found in our testing that we didn’t need them, even when we wore our lashes while out boating!

Use And Care Of Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

Part of the allure of these lashes are that they are so easy to use. The lashes themselves have six magnets on the back which simply “click” into place on the magnetic eyeliner. If you notice after a few wears that your lashes aren’t sticking as well as they used to, or if you see buildup on the magnets, grab a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, and clean the magnets. That should fix the problem and get your lashes sticking again. 


All Tori Belle Lashes are trim-able from both ends, so if they don’t seem to fit your eyes quite right, you can cut them down. We have found that it looks best when you cut the end that is going to be at the inside of your eye (closest to the nose).


If you take good care of your lashes, you should be able to wear them between 20 and 30 times before you have to replace them. Oh, and another pro tip!…make sure you don’t wipe excess liner on the edge of the bottle. If you do it dries up and falls inside, ruining the rest of the Liner. Always wipe excess on a paper towel or your hand instead. 


We will show you this and more in the tutorial videos below!


Eyeliner: Acrylates Copolymer, Water, Alcohol Denat., Poly(vinyl alcohol), Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fexenol, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxides

Lashes: Nylon

Tori Belle Magnetic Lash "How To's"

If you are new to magnetic lashes (or even if you’re not), every once in a while you run into a problem or conundrum that you aren’t sure how to solve. We’ve grabbed some of Laura’s tutorials and tips and tricks videos, to help answer these questions for you. And if that doesn’t work, feel free to reach out to us here at Product Review Hero and we will get you the answers you need!

How To Trim Your Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

Tips & Tricks For Tori Belle Magnetic Eyeliner

Tips & Tricks For Clumpy Liner

Tips & Tricks For Magnetic Mascara

Tips & Tricks For Illusion Lashes

Tips & Tricks For Anchors

Tips & Tricks For Magnetic Lashes Not Sticking

How To Care For Your Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes


Here at Product Review Hero, we have done a lot of research on Tori Belle, and on their magnetic lashes specifically. We are always happy with what we find. 

Tori Belle is a company that designs and makes quality products, and that cares about their customers. If you are looking for some of the best magnetic lashes on the market today, look no further than Tori Belle Cosmetics.


If you still have questions about Tori Belle, check out our list of FAQs.

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