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I'm Drinkin' With Trinken

We usually take things pretty seriously here at Product Review Hero. It takes a lot of time, effort, and research to provide our readers with the best in-depth reviews. However, sometimes you need to have a little fun. And Trinken is all about fun.


I first stumbled upon Trinken while browsing FB which is how I discover a lot of the products I end up reviewing. Their lid and cup combo caught my eye as a fun novelty item, or a good gift for a beer loving friend. The premise behind all of Trinken’s products is to make drinking easier, more convenient, and more fun.


Ever been sitting in church and really wanted to sip a beer? How about going to the movies and wishing you could fit an entire bottle of wine in your purse? Or, here’s one that many beer connoisseurs have experienced. You’re walking down the sidewalk minding your own business, with a beer in your hand, when you are suddenly reminded that it is against the law to drink in public. 


Open container laws be damned! Trinken has the solution to all of these problems.

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About Trinken

Trinken was started by a couple of beer connoisseurs who love the outdoors, love hanging out with their friends, and love drinking beer.


They wanted to design a product that made it possible to drink beer wherever you are. They researched the idea, came up with a design, and launched their new product on Kickstarter to see what the public response would be. 


Trinken was an instant hit and was fully funded within 12 days. Since then, they have perfected their product design and have begun expanding the line of Trinken products. 


They have been featured in Thrillist, The Chive, and on Dragon’s Den, to name a few.


About Trinken

Trinken Products

Trinken currently offers lid and cup combos, lids with tall boy cups, wine bags with tumblers, and several different accesories and clothing items. We will explore each of these products in detail. 

Trinken Features

Trinken Lid & Cup Combo

This is the product that started it all, and Trinken’s #1 seller. It’s amusing, easy to use, and quickly disguises your beer as just another generic coffee.

Truth be told, it’s somewhat bigger that a normal styrofoam coffee cup. Not taller really, but wider. Especially at the top. It’s made of telescoping plastic rings that go up and down smoothly and seem to be sturdy and well made. The top ring has a built in neck that fits snuggly around your beer can.

The lid part of the combo is black, although you can buy them separately in white. The lids are of high quality and well designed. They snap onto the top of a beer can and hold on tight! There is even a built in o-ring so that nothing leaks out into the cup portion when you are drinking.

For a novelty item, these cups are thoughtfully designed and well made. It might not be something you use every day, but they do make a great gift or party favor.

Trinken Wine Flask With Cups

Trinken Wine Flask

Trinken’s on-the-go wine flask is the perfect size to fit a whole bottle of wine! It comes with a screw on cap, a carabiner, and two silicone wine cups. It’s easy to carry, easy to pour, and stands up on its own when full.


This handy dandy flask is perfect for hiking trips, picnics, boating, or generally anywhere you would like to take wine, but don’t want to worry about breaking bottles. It also fits in most purses if you are trying to be discreet.


The silicone cups hold plenty of wine and can take a beating. Once again, they are nice because you don’t have to worry about them breaking, and they are easy to pack in a purse or backpack.


Trinken Accessories

In addition to cups, lids, and wine flasks, Trinken has a number of accessories and clothing items as well.


If you enjoy playing games while drinking, you may wish to check out their Bottlecap Darts game. I consists of specially made cap guns that are designed to shoot bottle caps at a dart board, which features a unique system for catching said bottle caps.


They also have: 


Beer Mat – Looks like a rolled up yoga mat, but actually holds beers inside. 


The Deep Freeze – An Ice mold that allows you to create a block of ice with holes in it that are the perfect size for holding beer cans.


Carbon Fiber Flask – Lightweight, tough, and ergonomic. It’s the perfect place to keep your favorite beverage.


and a bunch of other things. 


You’ll always find something interesting and/or humorous on Trinken’s website.



This isn’t a company that’s going to solve world hunger, or reach the Fortune 500 list. But, if you are looking for a gift that will get some laughs, having a party with friends, or want to sneak some beers into the local park (which we don’t recommend by the way), Trinken is perfect for you.


They meet the needs of a niche market with products that are fun, useful, and well made. Enjoy!

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