Pomifera - The Complete Review

I ran across this company by accident. At the time I was like, “Pomifera Oil? What’s that?”. But I saw that they had a pretty large following and it piqued my interest. I started researching them, and the more I read, the more interested I became. So, I ordered their kit, and I have to say…I was impressed. 


Pomifera is a brand new direct sales company with a very interesting product. As we love to do here at Product Review Hero, I am going to give you the low down on the company, their products, and the business opportunity. If you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to send me a message.


NOTE: This post is pretty long, feel free to use the table of contents to jump to the part you are most interested in.

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Table of Contents

What Is Pomifera Oil?

Before we go any further I think we need to answer one critical question…what is Pomifera Oil? Maybe I am the odd man out, but I had no idea what it was the first time I heard about it. So, please oblige me as I explain.


By all accounts, this product should even exist. It is made from the seeds of the Osage Orange, or “Hedge Apple”, which is a tree that is plentiful in the American mid-west. Its fruit was long thought to be worthless or “trash fruit”. Nobody eats it, but somewhere along the line a guy named Todd Johnson noticed that animals often dig the fruit open to get to the seeds inside, and an idea was born.

Todd Johnson talking about discovering Pomifera Oil. A little long, but informative

The Origin Story

Todd has a PhD in chemistry and likes to call himself a “mad scientist”. Well, the mad scientist got to work and discovered that the seeds of the Osage Orange hold numerous health benefits for humans. Benefits like anti-aging, moisturizing, acne fighting, cell restoring, and scar reducing to name a few. Since then there have been numerous scientific studies and clinical research trials that have backed up Todd’s original findings.


Thus began the birth of the company known as Pomifera, which is dedicated to bringing the benefits of this special oil to the masses. They have developed a sustainable and efficient method of extracting the oil from the Osage Orange seeds and have used it to make several hair and body products that are rapidly gaining traction in the marketplace. 


They also launched as a direct sales or MLM platform in February of 2020, and at the time of this writing (March 2020) they already have over 3,000 affiliate partners. At this rate of growth, Pomifera will soon become a household name. We will talk more about the business opportunity at the end of this post.

Pomifera's Products

What Is Pomifera Oil

The company has an ever growing collection of products broken up into 3 categories, Hair, Body, and Face. The products range from lash serum, hair oil, and body lotion, to bath bombs and anti-aging serum. Some of the face products have two different options, one for normal/oily/acne prone skin, and one for dry/sensitive/mature skin. You can chose the one that best suits you on the product page.


They also offer cost saving bundles in each category which give you a nice discount (up to 10%) as opposed to purchasing each product individually. The bundles are always changing so you’ll have to visit the site for the most updates selection.


We will take a look at the product bundles and then dive into each product individually so that you can decide if Pomifera Oil is something that you want to try. 


Pomifera Body Deluxe Collection With Bath Bomb

Pomifera Body Collection - $83.00

At the time of this writing, the Body Deluxe Collection is actually out of stock, which goes to show you how quickly this company is growing in popularity. 


This Collection contains 4 different products:


  1. Hydrating Body Lather
  2. Hydrating Body Lotion
  3. Healing Body Oil
  4. Revitalizing Botanical Bomb
This trio (minus the bath bomb) is designed to be used during your daily routine. First get squeaky clean with the body lather, then rub yourself all over with the healing oil, and top it off using the hydrating lotion. You’ll be left with glowing skin that feels clean, healthy, and soft.

Pomifera Hydrating Body Lather


I think this body lather is fantastic. It’s definitely one of my top three favorites of all time. All you need is one pump, and it foams up into a thick, rich lather which is great to wash with. It leaves you feeling clean, but it isn’t hard on your skin at all. The ingredients include Pomifera oil as well as grapeseed and coconut oils, all of which are great for you. 


It’s also infused with Pomifera’s proprietary blend of essential oils, so it smells fantastic. It fills my bathroom with the scent of lavander, which I love and find really relaxing.


I highly recommend this if you have never tried it before!



 Massage 1-2 pumps into loofah for a rich, luxurious lather. Cleanse body head to toe Rinse skin and follow with Pomifera Healing Body Oil or Hydrating Body Lotion to lock in moisture.

Pomifera Hydrating Body Lotion


Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 3.05.10 PM

The Hydrating lotion is on par with the best lotions we have tried here, and $24 seems like a good price for the value. It’s great at moisturizing and calming dry skin. This lotion contains top of the line ingredients like Jojoba, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E. It absorbs really well, so you aren’t left feeling greasy, and it smells amazing.



Massage body lotion into clean skin using an upward motion to increase circulation, and keep skin perfectly hydrated and beautifully moisturized. Use Directly after shower for best results.

Pomifera Healing Body Oil


This Healing Body Oil was something new for me. I hadn’t tried any product quite like it before. It’s a mixture of several oils such as Pomifera (obviously), Sunflower, Grapeseed, and Jojoba, as well as proprietary essential oils for fragrance.


It’s extremely nourishing instantly, and surprisingly not greasy or sticky at all. Initially it will leave your skin a bit oily, but that absorbs and goes away pretty quickly. 


Customers have said that it helps to prevent/relieve sunburn as well as to relieve the symptoms of shingles.I didn’t get the chance to test these claims, but it seems reasonable that this could be the case. Either way, it feels great on your skin, and I really liked it. 


Apply daily by gently massaging into the skin. For maximum hydration use on moist skin promptly after showering and towel drying.

Pomifera Revitalizing Botanical Bombs

No. 012 - $9.00

Pomifera Revitalizing Botanical Bomb 12

No. 021 - $9.00

Pomifera Revitalizing Botanical Bomb 21

There’s not a whole lot you can say about bath bombs. I will tell you this, these botanical bombs do make for a relaxing bathing experience. 


They have two different ones to choose from. The ingredients are the same, with the exception of the essential oils, which give them different scents. We tested No. 021 because we tend to favor Lavender. It was quite calming and made the whole room smell great.


Of course, both of the bombs are infused with Pomifera Oil, which is a neat way to use it because it allows the oil to come into contact with every inch of your skin.


Drop Revitalizing Botanical Bomb in a tub of water, slip in and relax as the aroma fills the room. Clear your stressful thoughts and allow your mind to wander aimlessly as you meditate in bliss

Pomifera Refreshing Body Mist


Pomifera Refreshing Body Mist

The Refreshing Body Mist is a blend of Lavender and Frankincense, both of which are known to have many healing properties. In fact, they can help with things such as reducing stress, increasing focus, lifting your mood, and even issues like boosting digestions, soothing pain and inflammation, and reducing cold symptoms. 


I use this almost every day when I get out of the shower. You can’t help but love the smell, and it is both relaxing, and leaves you feeling totally refreshed. I highly recommend!



Use liberally as a body spray, hair freshener, linen refresher, deodorizer or mood booster to dispense as a sunshine alternative in your day.

Pomifera Fresh And Clean Collection

Fresh & Clean Collection - $85.50

This Three Step Face Collection Comes with three different products (who would’ve guessed):


  1. Purifying Pre-Cleanse
  2. Balancing Facial Cleanser
  3. Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum

This collection makes a great addition to your everyday routine and will keep your face looking clear, radiant, and young.


Of course, you can also buy each of these products individually, but you’ll save 10% when you get the collection.

Pomifera Purifying Pre-Cleanse


We really liked this pre-cleanse. It’s great at removing makeup without being abrasive, and it hydrates your skin at the same time. 


spritz face and allow ten seconds before using fingers to gently dissolve makeup in small circular motions. Rinse. For use with cotton ball: spritz cotton ball and wipe away makeup with ease. Rinse. Follow with Step Two Balancing Facial Cleanser.

Pomifera Balancing Facial Cleanser


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 9.30.56 AM

This cleanser is full of amazing ingredients like kelp, sunflower oil, and pomifera oil. It’s chock full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin and that have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging benefits.


I like this cleanser because, well….it works. You don’t have to use much, so it lasts a long time, and it leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean. I usually just take one pump and massage it into my face using a light circular motion. Let it sit for about a minute before rinsing it off. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and smelling great.


Morning & Night, dispense one pump onto fingertips. Massage into face & neck for 60 seconds in circular motions to promote circulation. Rinse. Follow with Step No. 03 Pomifera Rose.

Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum


This is the gold star of the product line. This is what it’s all about. Simply made of Pomifera Oil and proprietary essential oils, the Rose Anti-Aging Serum is like a miracle cure for your skin. 


Extensive clinical trials have proven that it reduces age spots, skin damage, wrinkles, and fine lines. It’s also extremely hydrating and can take the place of any lotion that you currently use.


I love the way this serum smells and feels. It was a clean, earthy smell and it absorbs into the skin quickly and easily. I put it on every night before bed and It leaves my face feeling hydrated for hours. When I forget to use it, I can definitely tell the difference when I wake up in the morning.


Dispense 0.75ml to fingertips. Gently massage into freshly cleansed face, neck and décolletage using circular motions to promote circulation. Apply morning and night.

Pomifera Radiant Hair Oil


This Radiant Hair Oil is great. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy. It does a fine job of calming frizzy hair and protecting it from humidity, and it smells good to boot.


We found that when we used it, our hair felt extremely soft and smooth, which we liked. It also seems to make it look a little shinier than normal. Radiant Hair Oil is also really healthy for your hair, and should be good for anyone who suffers from damaged hair, or split ends.


For use as a renewing pre-cleanse: apply liberally to ends of brushed hair and rinse before shampooing to remove impurities. To use as a pre-blow dry: apply to towel-dried hair and blow dry as normal for nourishment and heat protection. For use before air-drying: distribute desired amount throughout lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. Style as desired. To use as a finishing agent: work into the ends of hair to control frizz, add gloss, smooth and style. For use as a touch-up: apply a drop to ends throughout the day for a touch of shine as needed

Pomifera Rejuvenating Youth Serum


Pomifera Rejuvenating Youth Serum

Pomifera’s new Rejuvenating Youth Serum is designed to rejuvenate your skin overnight while you sleep. It uses a professional strength dose of Hyaluronic Acid. This is a naturally occurring compound that unfortunately is produced less as we age. I say unfortunately, because it is largely responsible for the appearance of youth!



This Serum will plump your skin, reducing fine lines and improving texture, while simultaneously firming, toning, and hydrating. Try using it every night before bed, and you will notice the difference!


After Cleansing and prior to applying any oils, dispense desired amount onto damp skin and allow to absorb fully. Follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer. For best results, use before bed with focus on trouble areas and finish with a heavy moisturizer and serum.

Brightening Vitamin C Serum


Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 4.27.31 PM

This is another new offering from Pomifera. It is made with high grade Vitamin C which has been combined with Vitamin E. This makes it 20x more effective than most other Vitamin C Serums on the market.


Brightening Vitamin C Serum is great for your skin and will help to improve elasticity, firm your skin, improve your tone, and leave you looking and feeling radiant and youthful.


 Dispense desired amount onto damp skin and allow to absorb fully. Follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer. For best results, use in the morning and before bed and finish with your favorite moisturizer.

Pomifera's New Products

Brow & Lash Serum


Pomifera Brow & Lash Serum

The long awaited Pomifera Brow & Lash Serum is finally here! This stuff is easy to put on and is great for your lashes. I stimulates growth and provides the nourishment that your lashes need. 

You will notice your lashes looking fuller, longer, and healthier in a matter of weeks.


Apply a light layer of serum to the base of the lash line morning and night, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Allow 4 weeks to see full results.

Restorative Facial Exfoliant


Pomifera Facial Exfoliant

I am so excited about this addition to the Pomifera product line. This facial exfoliant is made from premium natural ingredients and helps to shed dead skin cells, heal wounds, and reduce the effects of aging.


This is a hot new product, so get yours before they sell out.


 Apply a generous amount to face using small, circular motions. Massage onto face, neck and chest for sixty seconds. Rinse fully and pat dry before applying your favorite serums and moisturizers. Use 1-2 times per week to slough away excess skin cells, leaving your face soft, visibly hydrated and luminous.

Pomifera's Commitment To Quality

Pomifera believes in the effectiveness of their products. They know that they work and they are willing to put their money and their reputation behind it. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

The Pomifera Opportunity

The direct sales platform is BRAND new. At the time of this writing they have only been accepting brand partners for a month and they already have more than 3,000. That has to be some kind of record. The initial sign up was so huge that they ran out of starter kits and had to close enrollment. They opened another 600 spots this morning (March 5’th), and so many people tried to sign up that the site went down. Another 600 spots are due to open on March 15’th. If you want to sign up, I hope you have fast fingers!


As you can see this company’s growth is explosive. I believe this is a testament to the quality of their products, and their loyal customer base. We don’t have a lot of information about the partner program at this point, but we will be updating this post as we learn more. For now, let’s take a look at what we do know.


Pomifera Partner Kit
Pomifera Partner Kit - $99

The Partner Kit

When you sign up as a Pomifera Partner you get the Partner Kit. The cost is $99 (about $114 with tax & shipping), but it’s actually a good price considering all of the products you get. 


You will want to try them out anyway so that you can knowledgeably and truthfully sell them to your clients. If you are lucky enough to get a spot, they usually ship your kit out the same day.


The partner kit includes a replicated website. It looks just like the main corporate site, but any sales that happen here get credited to you, and you can choose your own page path which makes it easy to share with potential clients (i.e. pomifera.com/”yourchoice”)


You will get instant access to the backend of this website known as the “owner’s suite” that contains all kinds of valuable information about your business, your sales, your commissions, and your team.


The Low Down

People are already making big money and building large teams selling this stuff. You make commission off of all of your individual sales and that’s yours no matter what. You can also make commission off of your downline as long as you have personal sales of $200 a month. That doesn’t seem like a hard task with the prices of the products and how popular they are. 


I’m sure the company has other promotional and bonus ideas in the works, and we will keep you up to date as that information rolls in. We know they are also going to be expanding the product line which is usually a great way for affiliates to get extra sales.


Based on the info we have, if you are at all interested in signing up, you basically can’t lose. It’s only $99 and you get your money back in great products. Even if you don’t decide to do anything with the business you’ve still got the partner kit all to yourself


Join The Product Review Hero Pomifera Team

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As a member of the Product Review Hero Team, you will have access to our extensive knowledge of and experience in the direct sales industry. We provide you with free training resources to help you succeed in your business, personal support with questions and tech issues, as well as access to any promotional images and resources that we create.


If this is something that interests you, simply click the button below to sign up. We look forward to working with you.


We’ve seen a lot of new direct sales companies hit the market over the years, but we don’t often see one grow this quickly. It’s really kind of astounding. 


The products get great reviews, and are bought repeatedly by the same people. That is very important and is a key indicator of the future success of this business. 


Pomifera says that they are a community focused around three words…Simple, Honest, and Humble. That seems to be the case thus far, and it may just be the key to their success. I think if they can keep that in mind and continue to make great products, they have a long and fruitful (no pun intended) future ahead of them.


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