Myster High-End Accessories - The Complete Review

Anyone who has experience in cannabis consumption knows that accessories can thoroughly enhance their experience. I’m personally a big fan of Myster. Honestly, their famous Stashtray is one of my all-time favorite products. Needless to say, I was excited to do an in-depth review of all Myster products.


After all, social stigmas surrounding cannabis are quickly fading and people from all walks of life are consuming cannabis both medicinally and recreationally.


If you’re one of them, I invite you to take a look at some of the innovative and exciting products Myster has to offer.


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About Myster

Myster is fairly new to the cannabis accessory niche, but they’ve already been featured in High Times, Viceland and Hybebeast.


Myster’s goal is simple. They know that the cannabis market is rapidly expanding and they’re here to “support the creative and motivated network of enthusiasts around the world and participate in the cultural revolution taking place right now.”


Sleek and discreet accessories is their bag, with a mission to “reframe outdated stereotypes about being an enthusiast.”


They’ve nailed it on the sleek and discreet, with a line of products fit for any cannabis enthusiast that finds themselves in need of accessories designed to enhance their overall experience.


Check it out.

About Myster

Myster Products

Myster carries a handful of various products made specifically with today’s modern cannabis consumer in mind.


By far, the most famous is their Stashtray, but they’ve got a few other accessories and products as well.


Here we’ll take a deeper look at the Myster Stashtray and other Myster high end accessories to determine if they’re something you want to add to your arsenal of cannabis accompaniments.


The Myster Stashtray


The Myster Stashtray is the crème de la crème of stash boxes. If you’re still keeping all your cannabis accessories in a cardboard box, this is definitely an upgrade you want to check out.


The Myster Stashtray is designed to keep all your smoking accessories in one place. It’s sleek, innovative and contains everything you need for your next elevating experience.

The box itself comes with a magnetic steel tray made from two stamped sheet that are welded together that forms a mirror finish around the edge.


Yes, the Myster Stashtray is as good looking as it is functional. Included in the kit is a storage pod that holds up to approximately 10 grams of your favorite strain, a four-part, high-quality aluminum grinder and the Myster ashtray that includes a pipe spike for easy cleaning of your bowl after you’re done smoking. What’s more, is that the top of the ashtray flips over to become a 14mm and 18mm bowl stand.


All of these accessories are magnetically attached to the tray, making it one of the most organized and effortless stashboxes we’ve ever seen. Genius.


Myster compares Stashtray to a liquor cabinet for people who enjoy “other fine things.” See why it’s one of my favs?


They also offer a few little extras that only serve to enhance the entire experience. 

Stashtray Magnetic Lighter Case

If you’re like me, lighters seem to be constantly disappearing just when you need them most. Myster has solved this conundrum by creating a magnetic lighter case that is made with stainless steel and contains 3 embedded earth magnets (6 total) to ensure it holds tight to most magnetic surfaces. It fits a mini Bic lighter and works great with the Stashtray, as well as other magnetic surfaces. 

One reviewer noted that it was perfect for holding their lighter tight to the fridge. Another remarked that it was “awesome” and one “mates can’t pocket!”

Dual Burner USB Lighter

If you’re looking for a lighter that’s discreet (looks just like a flash drive) and windproof for easy lighting of that joint or blunt despite any windy conditions (perfect for lighting up at the beach, on a hike or the chairlift during ski season), the Myster Dual Burner USB Lighter is something worth checking into. 


It’s got a dual sided coil for easy lighting and a matte finish that’s modern and sleek. While it won’t light your bowl, it’s perfect for smoking a good jay or blunt when the wind prevents you from lighting up with a traditional lighter.

Myster Stashtray
The Stashtray

Myster Switchblaze


Myster Switchblaze is a secretive little vape cartridge battery designed to be taken on the go wherever you might need it. Made to blend in seamlessly with other everyday carry items you keep with you, the Switchblaze is just 80x40x22mm and fits most cartridges 11-12mm wide.


It comes equipped with a pop-up cart action and a slide cover to keep the cartridge hidden and free of lint and other debris while in your pocket, purse or pack. It’s designed to fit .5 gram cartridges and has a screw-on 510 threading. The 15w Wattage with four settings of 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.8v and 4.2v heats up your cartridge perfectly. Even though the Switchblaze is new, it already comes highly recommended by almost a dozen different reviews.


Myster Contak Dry Herb Vaporizer


Myster Contak Vaporizer

Cannabis consumers who vape dry flower swear by this method of consumption. For those that love the smooth and flavorful pull of dry herb from a vape, Myster has created the Contak.


Vaporizers are a dime a dozen these days, but that hasn’t stopped Myster from designing something innovative for the times. According to Myster, “No one cares about who did it first. It’s about who does it best.”


This is the philosophy behind Contak, and I have to admit, they’ve done a killer job. Super discreet and simple to use, just dial in the exact temperature you wish to vape your favorite strain, let it heat up (which doesn’t take long) and you’re good to go. Contak comes with a silicone terp tip that brings out maximum flavor from all the terpenes contained in your strain.


Myster Contak is equipped with a full ceramic chamber that offers 5 minute vape sessions that last up to one hour total vape time per charge. Small enough to fit in your hand, it can discreetly be pocketed or stuck in your purse when not in use.

Contak Comes With

  • Honestly, anyone into vaping any kind of dry herbs will want to check out Myster Contak. Not only does it accentuate all the flavors, but it’s easy to load, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Myster 4-Piece Grinder


Myster Stashtray 4 Piece Grinder

Most would agree that a grinder is an essential tool to any arsenal of cannabis accessories. If you use a grinder on the reg, however, you’re well aware that not all grinders are made the same. When it comes to grinding up your favorite flower, quality is paramount to a pleasurable experience.


Enter the Myster 4-Piece Grinder. It’s perfectly described by Myster as “the best looking and most functional grinder you’ve ever owned.” I couldn’t agree more.


Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Myster 4-Piece Grinder measures 55mm wide and 48mm tall and is made up of four different pieces including:

  • If you’re accustomed to crappy grinders, I can’t urge you enough to invest less than $30 on a grinder that will literally change your entire grinding experience. After using the Myster 4-Piece Grinder, I’ll never go back to what I was using before. Yes, it really grinds that good.

Myster Magnetic Storage Pods


At the time of this review, Myster Magnetic Storage Pods are sold out. There’s a reason for this. They’re awesome!


These magnetic storage pods can be used on their own or with the Stashtray. Put them on the fridge, slip them under your desk or on any other metal surface where you want to stash your stash.


If you’re someone who tends to hold onto multiple strains at a time, Myster Magnetic Storage Pods make the perfect sensi “spice rack.” Each single storage pod holds approximately 10 grams of broken up flower and stay airtight to keep that flower fresh.


What’s more is they can be used with dry erase markers so you always know which strain is in which pod, eliminating the need for second-guessing if you’re accidently smoking a sativa before you want to go to bed or knocking yourself out during your morning wake and bake with a heavy indica. 


Myster Hookr


You know those products that you’d never think you might need but then see them and know you need one? That’s exactly what the Hookr reminds me of. It’s a keychain…that’s not just a keychain. This sleek silver contraption makes a great keychain of course, but is also a multi-functioning little unit.


A “Forever Match” that’s designed for lighting fires, disinfecting surfaces or wherever else a portable flame might come in handy. The Hookr also makes pressing buttons a breeze, without having to touch any questionable surfaces (think elevator buttons, crosswalk buttons and more). It’s also designed to help you push and pull door handles without actually touching them with your hand.


While it might not be a “must have” when it comes to accessories, after using it myself I can’t imagine not having the Hookr.

The Grip


Any fan of vaping looking for something sleek and discreet, like so discreet it fits in your palm, will want to check out Myster Grip. This little vaporizer is smaller than your palm and all you need to do to get that perfect pull is grip it. That’s right. Grip it to hit it, and you’re good to go.


The Grip is really easy to use and comes equipped with four different voltage levels. The 510 threaded cartridge battery is super sturdy, yet perfectly simple. It’s got an all over LED light that indicates the voltage. This Myster vaporizer is affordable at just $29 and quickly becoming a favorite amongst Myster reviews.

Terp Timer


The Myster Terp Timer takes the guessing game out of dabbing. Designed to heat up your dab rig to the perfect temperature for you personally, this is an awesome option for anyone interested in accentuating their dabbing experience.


Designed for dialing in the exact temperature you desire when consuming concentrates, the Terp Timer is simple to use and extremely effective. To work the Terp Timer, all you need to do is set your desired temp, heat up your banger, place it over the Terp Timer device (which will beep to let you know it’s in the right spot), then wait for another beep to tell you its ready. 


The battery itself comes with a 10-year warranty and lasts 2-3 months on a single charge. Here’s the thing, though. The Terp Timer is currently a limited pre-order with an early ship date of September 15. While it will run for a retail price of $129, you can get it now on pre-order for a discounted price of $96.75.


Myster Masks


We now live in a world where wearing masks has become the norm, whether you agree with it or not. Myster has a few options to choose from.


Myster has created the Myster Mask with wearing a high-quality, reusable and washable mask in mind. It’s made with two breathing valves and is designed to fit over the ears with an adjustable neck strap that prevents ear loops from irritating the skin. The interior of the mask comes with one replaceable 5-layer AC filter. If you find it’s a mask that fits your needs, replacement filters are also available.


Reviews of the Myster Mask are 5-stars across the board, with users expressing its comfort when wearing for long periods of time and being able to breath with ease when wearing it. Reviewers also praise its style and the compliments they receive when they wear it.


For those who prefer one-time use masks, Myster offers two different types. They’ve got a 10-pack of K95 masks ($29.99) and 50-pack of 3-ply protective masks ($49.99).



As far as accessories fit for the cannabis connoisseur, Myster is at the top of their game.


After reviewing each product in more detail and watching informative Myster videos on various pages of the products they offer, it’s easy to see they’re passionate about what they do and deliver a darn good product in the process.


I’d honestly recommend Myster to anyone wanting to step up their accessory game. Hands down, these products designed for today’s modern cannabis consumer are some of the coolest and highest quality I’ve yet to come across.


P.S. If you are interested in vaping, take a look at one of our other favorite companies, Dip Devices!

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