Tori Belle Cosmetics - The Complete Review

Tori Belle Cosmetics Review

Do you use cosmetics on a regular basis? If you do, or if you have caught onto the magnetic lash craze, you’ve probably heard of Tori Belle Cosmetics. Tori Belle is an up and comer in both the makeup and direct sales industries. Since June of 2019 they have been exploding in popularity.


We are always on the lookout for the best and brightest products and companies to review. Tori Belle Cosmetics fits our qualifications. Once again, we’ve done the research, talked to the people, and tried the products. After all, that’s what Product Review Hero is all about.

We are happy to provide you with a complete, in-depth review of the products that Tori Belle offers, as well as the business opportunity.


NOTE: This article is relatively long. If you wish, you can click on what you want to read about in the table of contents, and it will take you right to that section. Enjoy, and let us know what you thought when you are done!

Table of Contents

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Tori Belle Cosmetics Background

Tori Belle Cosmetics was founded in the spring of 2019 by Laura Hunter, a successful beauty queen, entrepreneur, and inventor.

Laura invented magnetic eyeliner in 2018 (patent-pending). She used this eyeliner along with magnetic lashes to form a company called LashLiner (you can read our review of LashLiner Here). 


The magic of The LashLiner System™ is the way the magnetic lash extensions stick to the eyeliner. They require no glue, aren’t messy, and can be applied in just a couple of minutes.

LashLiner was the first of its kind and began to gain local popularity before exploding onto the scene in the summer of 2018. This was due in part to a favorable review from Instagram influencer Tati Westbrook. Since then LashLiner had continued to grow and become a revolutionary force in the world of eyelash extensions.


As LashLiner began to grow so did the possibility of bringing life to one of Laura’s long-time dreams…starting a direct sales company.


Tori Belle Cosmetics is the fruit of that dream. The product line is built on that same magnetic lash sytem but has since expanded to contain mascara, eyeshadow, primer, lip gloss, and other cosmetic products.

Laura Hunter
Laura Hunter

Tori Belle Products

Almost all of the Tori Belle Cosmetics products (with the exception of the new releases) have been tested by the Product Review Hero staff. We will break the products down into categories of like items and then take a deep dive into each one individually. Some products, such as the brow liner, which are the same except for color variations, will be covered at the same time.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes and eyeliner are Tori Belle’s flagship products. The lashes and the liner can each be purchased separately, or they can be purchased as a kit for a discounted price. The prices are as follows:


Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner = $40

Magnetic Lashes Only = $35

Magnetic Lash & Liner Kit = $55


All of the Tori Belle magnetic lashes are trimmable from either end, they come with 10 magnets attached to them, and they also come with 8 tiny magnetic “anchors” for an increased hold. Tori Belle claims that the lashes are good for about 20 uses with proper care, and we have found this to be true in our testing. The magnets on the lashes can be cleaned if need be with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol or Tori Belle’s “Shake It Off” makeup remover.

Applying Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lash Styles

Single $35 - Kit $55

Tori Belle now has several different lash styles, and their selection is still growing. You can see the available styles above. Click on your favorite one for more info.

Pynk Mink

Pynk Mynk is Tori Belle’s newest lash style, and was released in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. They are cat eye shaped and have pink fibers woven in to create a fluffy faux mink lash.


Wonderlash lashes are medium volume and naturally curved, with a cat-eye flair and faux mink downy tips. They are soft and sensual, and one of our favorites.

Date Night

These lashes are long, classy, and luxurious. Tori Belle says they are perfect for a romantic dinner or a sunset walk on the beach and we agree! They are naturally curved and very realistic looking while giving a 3D appearance. They have a very soft look and feel.

Ladies Night

Great for a night out with the girls. These lashes are long enough to be noticed but not quite as long and full as the Selfie lashes.


9 to 5 is advertised as the “perfect everyday lash”, and we think this is about right. They are still full and lush looking without overdoing it.


These lashes are big, bold, and beautiful. You are sure to make a statement when you wear Selfie Lashes!


Starlet lashes are a full, feathered cat eye lash and feature a crossing pattern at the band. The crossing pattern is new for Tori Belle and it really makes them stand out and look stunning.


This is a soft, natural, doe-eye lash that is designed to be used in professional settings. It quietly adds beauty to your look without drawing unwanted attention.

Tori Belle Magnetic Lash Tutorial

If you have never tried applying Tori Belle Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner, it can be a little tricky the first time. That’s simply because there are a couple of things you should probably know first. Most importantly, letting your Magnetude eyeliner dry before clicking your lashes into place. 


Fortunately Laura Hunter has created a great tutorial video which will teach you everything you need to know for a first-time hassle free magnetic lash application. For more of Laura’s tutorial videos, check out our Tori Belle Magnetic Lash Review.


Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner

4ml - $40

Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetude Magnetic eyeliner is the key to the whole magnetic lash system. This is what the holds the lashes on. Tori Belle claims that it is waterproof, smudge proof, and doesn’t flake. In our tests we have found these claims to be accurate. It really doesn’t come off and it holds it’s magnetism all day. We even put some on our hands and tried to wash it off with soap and water to no avail. It does however remove easily with Tori Belle’s “shake it off” makeup remover.


Like the application instructions state, we found that when applying the eyeliner it is best to use two coats and to let it dry completely both in-between coats and also before applying the lashes. This seems to give the best hold. We even wore the lashes while out boating on more than one occasion and had no problems with them coming off, which was impressive.

Colors & Safety

Magnetude currently comes in black, brown, and gray. It can be used with magnetic lashes or even as a regular eyeliner.

While researching this product, we came across some concerns as to whether or not magnetic eyeliner is safe to wear, and whether there are any side affects. We discovered that Tori Belle  actually had it reviewed by Leo Cytrynbaum, MD who declared it to be perfectly safe.


Magnetude Magnetic Mascara & Illusion Lashes

Tori Belle Cosmetics brand new magnetic mascara was just released during their recent conference in Bothel, Washington. It is the first of its kind, holding true to Laura Hunter’s promise to release never before seen products. It quickly sold out after it was released but we were fortunate enough to get some of it.

Magnetude Mascara comes in a double ended tube, one side contains a mascara brush and the other an eyeliner brush. The formula is the same in both ends and it can used as both mascara and eyeliner. It is different than the traditional magnetude eyeliner. It seems a bit thinner.

Magnetic Mascara is specifically designed to be used with the Illusion series of lashes, of which there are currently two styles, Epic and Mystic.

Tori Belle Magnetude Magnetic Mascara

Magnetic Mascara Application Video

Since the magnetic mascara work a little differently than they magnetic eyeliner, we thought we would show you this application video that Laura was kind enough to make. As we mentioned previously, most often when people have trouble with their magnetic lashes, it’s simply the result of improper application. It’s worth the couple of minutes it takes to learn how to put them on correctly.

Epic Lash

Single $50 - Bundle $75

Tori Belle Epic Lashes

What Is Epic Lash?

Epic Lash is brand new for the spring of 2020 and is the second offering in the Magnetude Illusion series of lashes. The Illusion lashes are specially designed to be used with Tori Belle’s magnetic mascara. They are much lighter that the other types of lashes, and they lay right on top of your natural lashes.


Since the Illusion lashes aren’t quite as durable, they tend not to last as long, which is why two sets are provided in every box. In total, you can expect to get about 20 uses out of a box of Epic lashes. These lashes are great for people who don’t like to wear eyeliner, as they will stick to the magnetic mascara, and hold all day.

Wearing Epic Lash

The Epic Lash is long, full, and beautiful. The kit comes with a dual headed applicator. One side has an eyeliner brush, and the other, a mascara wand. This allows you to attach your lashes using whichever method you choose. Or even both.


When we used the Illusion lashes for the first time with the mascara, there was a little bit of a learning curve. Granted, this was before the application video came out, so we were flying blind. At first, it seemed like they wanted to slide off, but after a few tries, we got it figured out. With Laura’s new video, you should have no trouble getting them to stick.

Mystic Lash

Single $50 - Bundle $80

Mystic lashes were the first to come out in the Illusions line of lashes which launched in October of 2019. They became an instant hit and have sold out several times since their release. 


They are very similar to the Epic lash in the way that they are applied, and the general structure of them. However, the styling is different. Mystic is a little shorter and more natural looking than Epic. It is really a beautiful lash for every day wear. I actually have a box sitting here on my desk as a write this. They really are quite lovely.


Magnetude Magnetic Mascara

4ml - $50

Magnetude Magnetic Mascara

As we said, Magnetude Magnetic Mascara is new to the world. It’s not completely waterproof like the original magnetude eyeliner, but it is water resistant, and it doesn’t flake. It can also be used as regular mascara without the lashes.


This might be a good alternative for anyone who doesn’t like to wear eyeliner, but still wants magnetic lash extensions. It goes on just like regular mascara, and it holds well once you get the hang of it.


Magnetude Mascara currently comes in black. 


Siren 4D Mascara

10ml - $34

Siren 4D Mascara

Tori Belle Cosmetics Siren 4D Mascara is a 1-step lengthening fiber mascara. It uses cutting edge technology to deliver a 4D effect by binding special nylon fibers to your natural lashes This dramaticallly volumizes and lengthens your lashes.


Siren is smudge proof and doesn’t flake or run. We have worn it, and found these statements to be accurate. 


Siren Mascara Application

The Works Brow & Liner Kit


The Works Brow And Liner Kit

The Works kit is really cool. It’s an all in one eye and brow gel in a cute little package that will easily fit in your purse. It comes in 4 colors…taupe, brown, dark brown, and black.


The kit comes with three brow stencils and a professional grade brush. The stencils are made of silicone so they never become stuff or brittle.


The gel itself is easy to apply, and you only need the smallest amount. It goes on velvety smooth, it’s buildable, and it is also completely waterproof and smudge proof.


Tori Belle claims that you can also use the works gel to touch up your hair line between colorings. We haven’t tried that yet, but we have used it as a brow gel and it is fantastic!


Brow and Liner Kit Application

Tori Bell Cosmetics Lip Gloss & Body Glitter

Tori Belle promised to keep expanding their product line with top quality cosmetics, and the lip gloss and body glitter collection is their latest offering. We love the lip gloss! It goes on smooth and keeps our lips feeling soft and moisturized all day. The 24k lip gloss contains real flecks of 24 karat gold. It’s a little pricey but has a definite “cool” factor and is definitely a quality product.


The body glitter is very glitzy and fun. It comes in three different colors and will have you sparkling and shimmering all night long.


Let’s take a closer look at Tori Belle’s new products.


Ignite Plumping Lip Gloss - NEW!!!


Tori Belle’s new Ignite Plumping Lip Gloss is the newest addition to their already impressive product line. Ignite goes on smooth and makes your lips look instantly fuller. It’s chock full of nourishing ingredients to hydrate and protect your lips, and it gives you a nice little icy/hot tingle.


We though Ignite was so cool that we gave it its own review. Check it out!


Tori Belle Velvet Kisses Lip Gloss

Single $30 - Kit $72

Tori Belle Velvet Kisses
Tori Belle Velvet Kisses Bundle - $72

Tori Belle’s Velvet Kisses lip gloss comes in three different shades: Rose, Plum, and Cherry. They are highly pigmented, matte, and full coverage. The contain Vitamin E and Sunflower oil to keep your lips hydrated all day long.

All the velvet kisses products are Gluten free, Vegan, Paraben Free, and Cruelty Free


Tori Belle 24k Lip Gloss


Tori Belle 24k Lip Gloss

When you deserve the best, you get Tori Belle’s 24 Karat Gold Lip Gloss! This cool new product is made with real 24K gold and ads instant class, shine, and sparkle to your beautiful face!


As a bonus, gold is known to protect the collagen in your lips, increase the elasticity of your skin, and prevent premature aging. Who doesn’t want that?

Tori Belle All That Glitters Face & Body Glitter Set


Tori Belle All That Glitters Body Glitter
Tori Belle All That Glitters

Tori Belle’s face and body glitter is shimmery and fun. It is non flaking and comes in 3 great colors.

Joining Tori Belle As An Affiliate

Join Tori Belle

Tori Belle opened for affiliate registrations in June of 2019 and the initial response was overwhelming. In the first week they enrolled 757 affiliates, and after 14 days of open registration they had 1,650 affiliates. Since then their growth has become unstoppable. Now, only 9 months later, they have nearly 20k affiliates, and they are still going strong. 


We believe there are several reasons for their explosive growth, and we will share them with you here.

Tori Belle Compensation Plan

Tori Belle has one of the most generous compensation plans we have seen. They make it possible to earn a full time income simply by selling the products, even if you choose not to build a team. This is unusual in our experience with direct sales companies. Often, they only way to make good money is by building and managing large teams.


You certainly have the option to build a team with Tori Belle, and it is pretty easy to do with the current growth rate and popularity of the company. If you do choose to build a team, you also make a percentage of their sales. As is common in direct sales, the compensation plan becomes somewhat complicated, but Tori Belle has videos on their affiliate’s sites that explain how it all works in a way that is easy to understand.


Your compensation as a Tori Belle Affiliate starts at 20% of anything that you sell and goes up from there with sales volume. It is possible to end up making 40% of your sales, if you sell enough, which seems very generous compared to other direct sale programs.


Tori Belle pays out twice a month to a debit card account that they set up for you when you sign-up. You can use this debit card to make purchases directly, withdraw money from an ATM, or you can simply transfer the money into another account of your choice.

Tori Belle Affiliate Benefits

Even though Tori Belle is a direct sales company, the owners have often said that they want the affiliates to feel like they are running their own company. For this reason, Tori Belle does not have many of the marketing/promotional rules that other MLMs have. For instance, you are free to promote your Tori Belle products along with products from other companies, either online or at in-person events.


While many direct sale companies prohibit online advertising, Tori Belle actually encourages it and provides professional level marketing training for their affiliates (more in next section).


Tori Belle also treats your customer list as a business asset and allows you to sell your list should you ever choose to leave the company.


They make the sales process easy by providing all of the affiliates with their own websites. This makes it really easy for your customers to order, and saves you from having to keep products on hand. They take care of all the shipping, taxes, and credit card processing. All you have to do is send your customers to the site.


Finally, Tori Belle often offers extra promotions and performance based incentives to help motivate affiliates. 


Overall, we feel like the benefits of being a Tori Belle affiliate exceed those of most other direct sales companies out there.


Tori Belle Training Academy

Tori Belle’s training academy is the hidden gem of the Tori Belle affiliate program. We have never seen anything quite like it in any other direct sales company.


When you join and receive your website you will gain access to the training academy. Here you will find training videos on all kinds of different topics, from professionals in their respective fields. Tori Belle offers training on time management, organizations, attitude, goal setting, Facebook ads, audience optimization, chatbot building, and numerous other things. It really is an amazingly comprehensive and valuable program. The training received here would cost thousands of dollars if you were to get it elsewhere.


Tori Belle Products

It’s difficult to build a customer base and run a successful business without quality products. This is part of the reason that Tori Belle has been so successful. Laura Hunter is dedicated to providing affiliates with “new to the world” products that are of superb quality. As with any new company there have people a couple of small issues with different products, but they are always quickly dealt with and fixed.


As the company grows, the product line is continually being expanded with exciting new things that often sell out quickly on their release dates.


Join The Product Review Hero Tori Belle Team

Whenever we review a direct sales company, we always join them ahead of time so that we can provide you with accurate, up to date information about both the products and the opportunity. If, after doing our research, we feel like the company is solid, that their products are good, and that the business opportunity would be helpful to our readers, we often stay with the company and offer to let our readers join our team. 


As a member of the Product Review Hero Team, you will have access to our extensive knowledge of and experience in the direct sales industry. We provide you with free training resources to help you succeed in your business, personal support with questions and tech issues, as well as access to any promotional images and resources that we create.


If this is something that interests you, simply click the button below to sign up. We look forward to working with you.


The Product Review Hero Team

Tori Belle's Commitment To Quality

Tori Belle recently had their first conference in Bothel, Washington. During the conference Laura spoke about some of the upcoming product releases as well as her commitment to quality when it comes to the products that she develops for the Tori Belle brand.


She stated that any products that are released for Tori Belle will either be “new to the world” or “better than anything else that is currently available”.


We have found all of the products that we tested to be of superb quality. Some reports online state that there may be an issue with the brushes that come in the Magnetude Magnetic Liner. We reached out to the corporate office and they assured us that they are aware of the problem and dealing with it accordingly (this has since been taken care of).


Most new companies have growing pains, and Tori Belle is still very young, so issues like this are probably to be expected from time to time, as they work on getting everything ironed out.


By all accounts, Tori Belle appears to be a great company with a bright future ahead of it. Although they are young, they are already well established as a direct sales company and they are dominating the magnetic lash industry. There are currently thousands of affiliates out there making an income selling quality products that are insanely popular.


If you’ve been thinking of joining a direct sales company this is a great company to get on board with, and if you’ve been thinking of trying magnetic lashes, their products can’t be beat.


We give Tori Belle an A+!


Still have questions? Check out our Tori Belle FAQ article.

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