Monster Pub: A Sexy Review

I’ve never been big into sex toys, but after checking out a few from Monster Pub for the purpose of this review, that might change. Regular orgasms are said to lead to a longer life, you know. And I would be one out of every two women who use a vibrator on the reg.


Doing the research for this review, I discovered there’s a reason why the global sex toy market is projected to reach $52.7 billion by 2026. They’re deliciously fun and can make you feel incredibly sexy.


So what is Monster Pub, and how did they change my mind about self-pleasure with sex toys?


Check it out.

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All About Monster Pub

Monster Pub carries vibrators designed for personal pleasure, and they have a proprietary app that allows you to control many of their products right from your phone. These high-quality, food-grade silicone toys can be used when you want to get down with some steamy self-pleasure and can also be used long-distance with your partner. Their remote control which works through the fun app is the perfect option for partners in long-distance relationships. It’s also great for keeping connected during the lockdown and social distancing.

Monster Pub’s mission is to help women build an emotional connection to their popular female pleasure toys with a unique design and interactive app. Their goal is to create “a better lifestyle for girls worldwide by providing innovative and experimental products.”


These guys aren’t just state-of-the-art sex toys, whose appearance is designed to convey the basic characters of “naughty, smart and handsome personalities.” They’re working on becoming a lifestyle brand.


Let’s take a deeper look at what they offer. 

About Monster Pub

Before we dive into their pleasure products, let’s take a look at the Monster Pub app so you can have an idea of how it works. The app is designed to be used with most of the vibrators in the product line, taking self-pleasure or stimulation from your partner to another level.

The Monster Pub App

The app was built by SISTALK and is designed to provide women with the experience of a better lifestyle. It lets you use your or your partner’s phone to control your toys, offering a couple options for getting turned on right from your mobile device.


Check it out some of the features the app offers. I’m glad I did.

App Features

Downloading the app is easy and will only enhance your entire experience. Now that you’ve got a better idea about the Monster Pub app and how it might add to the pleasure of using a vibrator, let’s take a look at the products.

Monster Pub Products

Monster Pub was founded in 2015, and by 2018 they had sold over one million products. In 2019, that number jumped to three million.

They’ve obviously done something right in their design.

Check it out. 

U Type Vibrators

Monster Pub 2 - Remote Vibrators

$119.00 - $169.00

This is the company’s best seller, and is a remote controlled, u-shaped vibrator designed to offer pleasure wherever you go. The Monster Pub app acts as the remote and contains features for everyone. Check it out:

Monster Pub 1S - Remote Vibrators

$59.00 - $139.00

The Monster Pub 1S Remote Vibrator is a bit smaller than the 2, but comes with many of the same features that make all of their products so popular, including:

Monster Pub Baby

$39.00 - $79.00

This little gem comes in two versions. One can be used with the app and the other is simply for fun and not compatible with the app.


What we loved about the Monster Pub Baby is its “free-type design” with a bendable wand that allows for clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time or stimulating one of these sweet spots on its own.


The premium version of the Baby works both with the app and allows for long-distance remote control. 

Like all their other vibrators, the Baby is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Monster Pub Mimi


While out of stock at the time of this review, other customers give the Mimi 5-stars across the board.


In March 2019, one reviewer commented she “can’t believe I didn’t buy the Monster Pub Mimi sooner. It’s crazy…great for couple or solo play,” encouraging potential pleasure-seekers they won’t be disappointed.


We can see why it’s currently sold out. It’s adorable.


Shaped like a cat, the Mimi offers a safe and stable Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect to the app for some fun finger painting stimulation right from the app screen.


It’s designed to be worn anywhere, meaning you can take this one with you and no one will know the difference. Invisible wear design means you can have it on at the office or out in public, control it from the mobile app or your Apple watch and pleasure yourself in places you’d normally not dare.


Exciting and a little bit naughty, we can’t wait for the Monster Pub Mimi to come back in stock to try this seriously cute, pussycat vibrator for ourselves.


Wand Vibrators

As I mentioned, I’m a kind of a novice to the sex toy niche, and wand vibrators were something new to me. After taking a deeper look into all they entail, my curiosity has definitely peaked.

Monster Pub Bang


No, I’ve honestly never tried a wand-style vibrator before but might have to after discovering the Monster Pub Bang. It comes in three different options including: The Obedient Cuffs Set, The Gentle Candle Set, and the Awaken Whip Set.


There is a great video on the Bang product page that details just how each one might be used. Features of each include:

Ring Vibrators


The Monster Pub Ring Vibrator is designed for some serious sensual clitoral stimulation. With three different options, you might be tempted to buy all three. They’re just as cute and inviting as the other products. Take a look for yourself.


Designed for clitoral stimulation, the Ring Vibrators are fitted with a ring to wear on your finger. They’re great for newbies (like myself) and are super discreet and easy to use.


Like other Monster Pub pleasure toys, the Monster Pub Ring Vibrator is 100% waterproof. It also comes with a silent mode, for those moments you’re looking for some public pleasure where no one will be the wiser as to what you’re really up to.


What’s better, is there are three different designs to choose from.

Like their other products, customer reviews of Ring Vibrators are all 5-stars. One reviewer described it as “soft to the touch,” while another expressed that they “cried with pleasure.”


While the Ring Vibrators can’t be connected to Bluetooth like many of their other products, it’s still an extremely popular product that offers a delicate intro to the world of self-pleasure.



Whether you’re new to sex toys like I was, or you’ve been using them for enhanced pleasure for years, Monster Pub pleasure toys are definitely worth checking out.


Not only do customers love them, but they’re sleek and sweet design makes them as much of a pleasure to look at as they are to use.


With the app that allows for stimulating yourself or long-distance stimulation from someone else, it’s easy to see why this company’s sales continue to climb.


To say Monster Pub has opened up our minds to another world is putting it mildly. They’ve allowed us to experience more pleasure than we have in years.

Warranty & Shipping

All Monster Pub products come with a two-year warranty. That’s right. If there’s any problem with your purchase within two years of the purchase date, you can request a free replacement of the product.


Another nice feature is that they offer discreet shipping to help protect their customers’ privacy. What’s more is, they ship worldwide.


Wondering where to buy Monster Pub products for yourself? Product Review Hero recommends purchasing their products from the official Monster Pub website to avoid purchasing fake products. There are knockoffs out there and the quality just isn’t there. The genuine products come engraved with a unique trademark symbol that allows you to easily verify that your product is legit

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