Protein Donuts: An Elite Sweets Review

Protein Donuts…is that even a thing? I didn’t know it was until just recently, when I ran across a little company called Elite Sweets.


When you are on the Keto Diet, you are always on the lookout for treats that are low on carbs, but don’t taste like sandpaper, or glue, or cardboard. The selection is better today than it was in the past, but you might be surprised how hard it can be to find really good snacks that are keto friendly.


Needless to say, when I broke up with carbs, I just figured that donuts were out of the question. Then I saw these low-carb, protein donuts online. I was naturally curious, but also skeptical…could they really be delicious and still be healthy? I decided I had to find out, so I took the plunge and ordered the variety pack.


I’m going to share my Elite Sweets experience with you here. We’ll learn a bit about the company, then take a look at the products they offer. If you decide you want to try them for yourself, don’t forget to use our promo code, PRHERO, for 15% off.

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What Are Protein Donuts?

Protein donuts are a relatively new phenomenon that are designed to meet the demands of the health food wave that is sweeping the country. I mean, we want to be healthy, but as Americans we still crave our comfort food. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? I vote Yes!


The best protein donuts are designed to be low in carbs, low in sugar, and high in protein, while still tasting exceptionally delicious and satisfying that desire for junk food that we all have deep inside. After my taste testing extravaganza I can say with certainty that Elite Sweets has hit the bullseye with their confectionary creations.

Who Started Elite Sweets?

Elite Sweets was founded by a group of college roommates from Austin, Texas. 


These guys were inspired by their own weight loss journey (during which they lost more than 200lbs combined), to create a healthier snack food option. As everybody knows, protein bars and the other “healthy snacks” out there can be hard to choke down! (somebody pass the milk). 


No, They wanted something that was new, innovative, and delicious. They also wanted everyone to  be able to enjoy it. So they came up with a donut that is gluten free, naturally sweetened, packed with protein, and totally scrumptious.

The Elite Sweets Team

Where Is Elite Sweets Located?

Elite Sweets is still located in Austin, Texas, but their donuts can be found at select retailers nationwide.

Where Can I Buy Protein Donuts?

Hey, great question! If you want to shop in person, you can find a list of retailers on the Elite Sweets website. However, I ordered online and had them shipped right to my door. 


Keep in mind that Elite’s Protein Donuts are made without preservatives and have a shelf life of about 10 days, so unless you are going to eat them right away, you’ll want to throw them in the fridge or freezer.

Protein Donuts Review

The Elite Sweets Menu

Elite Sweets currently offers 3 different flavors of protein donuts, as well as a variety pack. The individual flavors can be purchased in quantities of 6 or 12, and the variety comes as a 6 pack only. 

Protein Donut Flavors

$24.99 (6-pack) - $45.99 (12-pack)

When I got my first order of protein donuts, I went for the variety pack, as I wasn’t sure which flavor I would like best. While all of them where very good, I did end up with a clear favorite. I’ll give you a brief review of each one here.

Chocolate Protein Donut

This was the first donut I tried. It’s made from chocolate batter and covered in chocolate icing. The taste is really good, and it’s not at all gritty like other gluten free products I’ve had in the past. While It doesn’t have the same lightness or “airiness” as a traditional donut (it’s more of a cake like consistency), overall I was really impressed and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Birthday Cake Protein Donut

The Birthday Cake donut is made from confetti batter and slathered in white icing. I stuck it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up. This melted the icing and softened the donut itself, making it really delightful. 

Cinnamon Sugar Protein Donut

This was my favorite flavor of all. I also heated this one in the microwave. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I liked it so much, but I did. The texture was nice and the flavor was perfect. The sweetener even leaves your mouth with a bit of a “cooling” sensation which was rather enjoyable.

Nutrition Facts


Not only are these the only protein donuts I have found, they are also the best tasting keto or gluten free snacks I have ever had. It’s refreshing that somebody finally got it right, and I can enjoy a great tasting snack without wrecking my diet. 


I am always on the lookout for delicious, healthy treats. In fact, if you know of any good ones, let me know. Until then, these Protein Donuts are my “Sweet Spot”.

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