Fluz: The Complete Review

Let me just start by saying…the new Fluz Cash Back App is a great idea! I’m not sure how it took so long for somebody to develop this, but it is here now.


If you are familiar with Product Review Hero, you know that we are all about new, exciting, and innovative things. Well, this app fits the bill and we love it. Not only can you use it to get cash back on top of whatever other cash-back program you are already using, you also get cash-back from sharing it with your friends!


Keep reading to learn all the juicy details about how it works, or just sign up now. Heck, it’s free and you can start saving right away. Get an extra special bonus when you use referral code: PRHERO

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What Is Fluz?

It is essentially a cash-back app that functions like a direct sales program (hold on, don’t be scared). This just means that you can share it with your friends and get paid for it if you want to. If not that’s fine, use it on your own and still get great cash-back deals. There are a couple of really cool things about this app, so let me break it down for you.


1. You can earn cash back on top of your regular cash-back apps like Honey and Piggy, or your cash back credit card: Yep, that’s right…double cash-back! This is a great way to stack rewards. Shop online, get your cash-back with Honey, then check out with the Fluz App and get additional cash-back on top! It’s almost like you’re getting paid to shop (well, not quite, but still).


2. You earn cash-back by referring your friends: This is where it works kind of like direct sales. When someone uses your referral code to sign up for Fluz, you get cash back every time they make a purchase using their account. Not only that, but if they refer their friends, you get cash-back rewards off of them too. It ends up branching out into a large money-making tree, and the rewards can be significant! People have been earning thousands of dollars just from sharing the app. Check out the reviews below (yes, these are real people).

Fluz cash back Reviews

How Fluz Works

Does Fluz Cost Money?

No. It is and always will be absolutely free to it’s users. There are no sign-up fees, no transaction fees, no payout fees….just no fees period.


How do they make money you ask? Fluz gets paid by major retailers for directing traffic to their stores/websites. It’s a pretty common system in the digital age. Kind of like how companies pay us to advertise on our site =).


That’s also where Fluz gets the money to pay you for your purchases and referrals.

Using Fluz To Checkout

The only thing about Fluz that takes a little getting used to is the checkout process. After doing it a couple of times though, you will find that it is really pretty simple.


In order for them to be able to give you cash-back on top of your other cash-back systems, and in order for them to keep track of your referral tree, you have to check out using the Fluz App. It works like this:


1. When you first sign up you will enter your credit card info into the app. This is how Fluz will pay for the items you want to purchase. There are multiple different payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, or bank transfers. You can enter just one or several.


2.You go shopping either online or in a physical store. Once you are done shopping you will need to get your total price (including taxes, shipping etc.). Then, you simply plug that price into the Fluz app and pay.


3. Fluz instantly creates what is essentially an e-gift card which you can use online or present to the merchant to cover the cost of your items. 


That’s it. You’re done. Just in case this still doesn’t make sense, I’ve included a video that shows you exactly how it works.

How Does Fluz Pay Me?

Hey, great question! Once you get at least $26 in cash-back rewards, you can cash out whenever you want. They use PayPal to send the money right to your bank account. It’s easy-peasy.

The Fluz Bonus Program

In addition to regular cash-back on purchases, Fluz offers a bonus program in which you can earn up to $4500 by completing certain tasks such as growing your network and developing leaders. It’s really a good opportunity if you are into that type of thing. If not, just use the app for the regular cash-back rewards.


Here’s a little bit more about how the bonus program works.

Quickstart Bonus - $5

This bonus will earn you $5, and is the easiest to complete. All you have to do is fill out a few easy tasks which the app will walk you through. Earn your first cash back, enable tracking & notifications, set a networking goal, connect a bank account, and pick your favorite retailers. After you complete those, you will get $5 added to your account. 

Leader Bonus - $180

Ok, this one definitely isn’t as easy as the quickstart bonus, but the reward is a lot better. It is basically inspiring you to become a leader by getting your friends to use Fluz. There are four different tasks you need to accomplish here and each one has a dollar amount assigned to it. I think that is kind of nice because even if you can’t qualify for the whole bonus, you can still get part of it.


The first level is to share the app with 5 friends who make at least one purchase. This will net you $10. The second step is to share the app with at least 10 friends who make a purchase (seems pretty doable to me), and this will earn you $20. If you can get 10 friends to use the app twice, you will get an additional $50. Lastly, if you can earn $10 back in residual cash from your network, Fluz will give you a $100 bonus.


Yes, it will require a little work on your part to hit the leader bonus, but in today’s digital age, I think it’s something that would be reasonable simple for the majority of millenials.

Earn 2K Bonus - $1820

This one is going to be a little harder for the average person to complete, although the concept is simple. Invite 50 people that pay once to earn $500, and invite 100 people that pay once to earn $1320.


See…it’s simple, but that is a lot of people to invite. Personally, I don’t have that many close friends, but I’m sure that some of you do.

Match Bonus - $50 For Each Leader

The match bonus rewards you for providing leadership to your direct referrals. There are three different tiers or “milestones” at which you can earn money. If you guide a referral through all three tiers you will earn $50.


Milestone One: Earn $10 every time you help an invite complete the High Five Milestone


Milestone Two: Earn $15 every time you help an invite complete the Big Ten Milestone


Milestone Three: Earn $25 every time you help an invite complete the $10 Dollar Match Milestone

Build Leaders Bonus - $30 Each

This is very similar to the Match Bonus, except this time you are getting paid to help indirect referrals instead of direct referrals. Every time you guide an indirect referral through all three of the milestones, you will earn $30


Milestone One: Earn $5 every time you help an indirect invite complete the High Five Milestone


Milestone Two: Earn $10 every time you help an indirect invite complete the Big Ten Milestone


Milestone Three: Earn $15 every time you help an indirect invite complete the $10 Dollar Match Milestone

Entreprenuer Bonus - Earn $2495

This is the top level of the bonus structure and is basically a bonus that you get for team building. 


Milestone One: Earn $500 for helping 4 direct invites complete all levels of the match bonus


Milestone Two: Earn $530 once you help a direct invite complete Entreprenuer Milestone One


Milestone Three: Earn $1465 when you help 4 direct invites complete Entreprenuer Milestone One

There's More Where That Came From!

That outlines how you can earn $4500 using the Fluz Bonus program. Of course the opportunity to earn is limitless as the more times you complete these goals, the more you will earn.

Fluz Marketing Tools

One thing that I love about Fluz, and that is pretty unique from what I have seen, is the fact that they provide you with tons of free marketing tools. And not crappy marketing tools either. These are professional, customizable, really nice materials.

After you sign up for the cashback app, you can go onto the marketing tools area of the site and create your Fluz Influencer Portal. This is where you enter your contact details and tell them a little bit about yourself. They then use this information to customize marketing materials for you such as a landing page and business card templates.


Here are a few of the features of the Influencer Portal, and they are all free!

Custom Landing Page

As soon as you finish filling out the info for the influencer portal, you will have your own custom landing page. It’s really nice. It looks just like the Fluz landing page, but it will have your name and picture, as well as a little bio section about how you started using Fluz, and stuff like that.


All of the buttons on the page contain your custom invite link, so you can rest easy knowing that anybody who joins from there will be credited to your account.

Self Service Business Cards

Fluz uses your contact info to create a nice business card template for you. You can either print your own cards at home or upload the template to someplace like Staples or Vista Print and have them printed professionally.


If you happen to notice that any of the info on your template is incorrect, just go back into your influencer portal and correct the info there, then re-download your business card template. 


These cards are great for leaving in coffee shops, at gas stations or pinning to cork boards!

Custom Promotional Flyers

There are several different 35% cash back flyers that you can choose from. Some of them are generic and some of them are targeted towards specific businesses. 


They look great and they contain your personal invite link in the form of a QR code, so that it is super easy for people to sign up under you. These flyers are simple to download, and they can be printed out or used online, on social media or websites.


I really love the idea of Fluz. At it’s most basic, it’s a good cash-back program, but if you want to invest even a little bit of time into it, it becomes a legitimate passive income generating opportunity.


This company is very young, which means there is room for massive growth. If this is something that is up your alley, now is the time to jump on board.

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