JEMMA Bag - The Complete Review

Jemma Bag Review

JEMMA is bringing something new and exciting to a market that has long been dominated by giants such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors. They are shaking things up with designer handbags, that are stylish, versatile, practical, and some might say…inspired.


At Product Review Hero, we were impressed with JEMMA, and the fact that they are offering high quality, Italian leather bags, with price tags in the hundreds, instead of the thousands. It’s a refreshing change.

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    What Are These JEMMA Bags All About?

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    According to their founder, “J E M M A was created to inspire women to redefine life on their own terms. We are redefining what should be a handbag…”


    Basically, they saw a need in the market for a bag that was both stylish and practical, and they reached out to fill it. So many designer bags are built completely with fashion in mind and offer very little in the way of function. 


    JEMMA wanted to make bags that looked great, but had the functionality on the inside to allow you carry the things you need and stay organized at the same time. If you open one up you will see all kinds of storage compartments made to hold everything from your laptop, to your cellphone, to your makeup bag. No more rumaging through a pile of stuff to find what you need. We think that’s pretty nice!


    All JEMMA bags are designed in New York, and made from the finest Italian textiles. In fact, they actually use the same leather and nylon as Louis Vuitton. Their products are crafted with care which is evident as soon as you hold one in your hands.


    The thing we really like about JEMMA is that while the bags are made just as well as the big name brands, the price tag is less than half, making this a great option for someone who doesn’t want to spend 2 weeks pay on a handbag.


    JEMMA Girl Bag

    JEMMA Products

    JEMMA makes several different styles of bags for whatever phase of life you may be in. We will take a closer look at them, give you the specs, and share our thoughts on each one.


    These bags are growing in popularity fast, so you may notice that some style or colors are sold out. If you click on the “sold out” button you can sign up to be alerted when they are back in stock. Other bags, like the EMMA Traveler 39 are limited edition, so make sure you get them while they last!


    EMMA 32 Petite


    The EMMA 32 Petite is a smaller version of JEMMA’s hugely popular EMMA 37. It seems to have achieved a level of fame in its own right, as it is sold out at the time of this writing. Initially only available in one color JEMMA has announced that there are more colors coming soon. 


    This a great everyday bag. It’s small, lightwieght, and easy to carry. Some of our favorite features are the tablet compartment, detachable key strap, interior credit card holder, and the back sleeve pocket which makes a super convenient spot to keep your cell phone.

    • Dimensions: L 12.5” x H 9″ x D 4.5”
      Tubular handle with 4” drop
      Weighs approximately 2lbs

    EMMA 37


    The EMMA 37 is JEMMA’s flagship product. It is a great all-around everyday bag. It’s big enough to carry everything you need, yet small enough that you’re not going to feel like your arm is about to fall off after lugging it around all day. The interior design helps you to stay super organized and is large enough to accommodate a 13 inch laptop and charger in addition to your everyday essentials. This bag is also the perfect size to stick beneath an airplane seat and makes a great carry-on.


    Our favorite things about the EMMA 37 are the luxurious textured leather, the plethora of interior storage compartments, and the fact that it makes an awesome laptop tote. We can see why this bag is so popular. It is one of our favorites for sure!

    • Dimensions: L 14.5” x H 11” x D 6.5”
    • Tubular handle with 6” drop
    • Weighs approximately 2.8 lbs

    EMMA Traveler 39

    Limited Edition!


    The EMMA Traveler is a step up in size from the 37. This bag can fit up to a 16″ laptop along with a multitude of other items. The center compartment is removable and can be carried separately as a stylish leather clutch. Whether you are looking for a spot to keep your keys, lipstick, pens, credit cards, wallet, or phone, the EMMA Traveler has it all.


    Our favorite things about this bag are, the fact that it can hold a 16″ laptop (we love big computers at Product Review Hero), the super convenient pass through sleeve on the back that attaches to your luggage, and the detachable center compartment that doubles as a clutch.

    • Dimensions: L 15” x H 11.5” x D 7.0”
    • Collapsible, Tubular handle with 6” drop
    • Weighs approximately 3.0 lbs



    The JoJo is classy and fun with an antique appeal. It’s super lightweight coming in at about 1 pound, but it still fits a lot of stuff. It has pockets for all of your essentials to keep them from getting jumbled up, and the full grain Italian Nappa leather is just gorgeous.


    We love the JoJo for it’s vintage look and feel. The gold-tone kiss lock closure is a nice touch. We were also surprised by the amount of things you can fit into this small bag.

    • Dimensions: L 10″ x H 8.5″ x D 3.75″
    • Tubular handle with 4.5" drop
    • Weighs approximately 1 lbs


    Limited Edition!


    For those of us who just can’t cram everything into a normal sized purse, JEMMA has created the POPPINS bag. It’s constructed of smooth Italian leather and its shoulder strap easily transforms into backpack straps for those days when you’re really loaded down.


    This bag is utilitarian yet sophisticated. It is perfect for day trips or picnics, and it makes a great diaper bag. 


    Our favorite things about the POPPINS are, it’s size, the option to wear it as a backpack, and the front flap with magnetic closure.

    • Dimensions: L 11” x H 11” x D 5”
    • Top handle with 5” drop
    • Weighs approximately 2.4 lbs

    BIRDIE 43


    When the BIRDIE was first released it became a huge hit and sold out quickly. It has since become a staple of the JEMMA product line and is a fan favorite. It’s versatile, durable, and makes a great overnight bag or gym bag. 


    BIRDIE 43 is constructed of weather resistant Italian Nylon, and is completely vegan. On the Inside it contains JEMMA’s standard assortment of pockets and compartments, but it also has a few extra surprises. Aside from being roomy enough for a few changes of clothes and your laptop, on the bottom of the bag is a completely separate ventilated compartment which is perfect for storing shoes or sweaty gym clothes. Also included are a cosmetic case and a drawstring laundry bag.


    We are big fans of the BIRDIE because it’s the perfect size and includes everything you need for hitting the gym or a quick overnight trip. We love the shoe storage compartment and the included laundry bag, as well as the fact that is still has all of the standard compartments on the inside. It’s no wonder that it sold out the first time around.

    • Dimensions: L 17″ x H 11″ x D 9″
    • Tubular handle with 9” drop
    • Weighs approximately 2lbs

    JACKIE 56


    The JACKIE is everything the BIRDIE is, just bigger. Same compartments, same storage features, 25% more room. If you love the BIRDIE but you need some extra space, or if you are getting ready for a weekend getaway, you’re going to want this bag.


    We love JACKIE 56 for it’s bigger storage capacity, all the pockets and compartments, and the separrate shoe storage, which is always nice to have. The fact that it slips right over your luggage handles doesn’t hurt either!

    • Dimensions: L 22″ x H 13″ x D 10″
    • Tubular handle with 9” drop
    • Weighs approximately 2lbs

    BELLA Belt Bag

    Limited Edition!


    This bag was inspired by the practicality of the fanny pack. It has a removable leather belt strap and can be worn as a belt bag, crossbody, shoulder bag, or clutch. Like all JEMMA bags it is incredibly practical on the inside, and makes it super easy to keep your things organized. 


    We love BELLA for it’s scratch resistant leather, it’s versatility, and it’s super cool turn lock closure.

    • Dimensions: L 8″ x H 5″ x D 2.6″
    • Belt width ranges extend from 26" to 44"
    • Weighs approximately .75 lbs


    Limited Edition!


    The MAGGIE is a hybrid crossbody / wallet and is the perfect size to hold all of your essentials. It’s made from scratch resistant Italian Saffiona Leather and feels absolutely luxurious. It’s a great way to stay organized with separate compartments for your phone, ID, credit cards, bills, receipts, and change.


    We like the MAGGIE for it’s scratch resistant finish, and because it’s an excellent organizational tool.

    • Dimensions: L 7.5″ x H 5″

    BLAIR Jewelry Case

    Limited Edition!


    BLAIR is the ultimate jewelry storage case. It has all kinds of different sized pockets with press stud closures to fit earings, necklaces, and bracelets. It also has a ring tube to securely store your rings and it folds up nicely into a flat package with a leather closure tie. No more untangling jewelry!


    We like Blair for its small size and for the plethora of organizational options it offers. It’s well made, the leather is great, and the price is right.

    • Dimensions: L 8″ x H 4″

    JEMMA Commitment To Quality

    Jemma is on a mission to build the world’s most beloved brand of handbags. They are committed to providing their customers with only the highest quality bags made from the finest Italian materials.


    Jemma has received rave reviews from companies such as, Aol, Business Insider, FOX, and Huffpost.


    For more information on JEMMA’s return/exchange policy, click HERE.



    We have looked at several different handbag companies over the years, and JEMMA stands out above the rest. Their products are great. They really are luxury handbags. They’re functional, they smell good, and they look great. 


    They could have jacked up their prices and charged a premium. They do use the same leather as Louis Vuitton after all. But they didn’t. They decided to keep them affordable, and we think that is honorable.


    We love the fact that they are super practical on the inside while remaining stylish on the outside. We give JEMMA Bags a huge thumbs up!


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