Skullsplitter: The Complete DnD Dice Review

To be completely honest, I’ve never really been one for dice games. I mean, I’ve heard about Dungeons & Dragons and a few other dice games before, but the entire concept of DnD dice and everything the game entails was completely foreign to me before discovering Skullsplitter.


After starting my research to do this review, however, DnD dice could become a game I come back to again. I would, after all, be joining millions of others worldwide that have discovered Dungeons and Dragons to be far more than just a dice game.


Who knew Robin Williams was a HUGE D&D fan?! Some other famous figures that have found themselves immersed in this game of fantasy include Vin Diesel, Anderson Cooper, Drew Barrymore, Vince Vaughn and many more. Needless to say, I wasn’t too surprised to learn that Marilyn Manson was on the list of public figures that have dabbled into to the world of D&D. 


Whether you’re an experienced dungeon master or player character or are completely new to the world of dice games such as D&D like I was, Skullsplitter has an extensive supply of dice made specifically with you in mind.


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What Is SkullSplitter?

Skullsplitter is a family-owned, one-stop-shop for all your dice gaming needs. Created by a team passionate about dice games, fantasy and role playing, Skullsplitter carries a dice collection unlike anything I’d ever seen.

SkullSplitter Products

Although new to the world of dice, Skullsplitter seems to have one of the best selections I came across when researching for this review. If I were a dice gamer (which I might just become after learning a bit more about this world), Skullsplitter would be my first choice for my dice needs simply based on the huge selection of products they offer. 

Check it out.

skullsplitter dice

SkullSplitter Dice Types

Dice By Collection

Skullsplitter doesn’t just cater to DnD dice fans. 

They carry dice for nine different games, including: 

Colored Dice

They’ve also got dice in an array of different colors for fans of DnD dice and other tabletop games, including: 

The collections Skullsplitter offers doesn’t stop there. When I say they’re a one-stop-shop for all your dice gaming needs, I mean it. 

You’ll find a big selection of different dice types, including:

Blind Bags:

A mystery bag of dice that includes a small velvet bag, one random metal die, one set of plastic dice and some additional random dice. 

7 Sets:

A huge collection of 7-set dice assortments intended for use with various dice games. And when I say huge, I mean huge in the tune of 14 pages huge. It’s safe to say that anyone in the market for a 7-set dice collection will find what they’re looking for on Skullsplitter’s site.

Dice Bundles:

There are 15 different dice bundle options available on Skullsplitter’s website, ranging from glitter and rainbow bundles to themed bundles for Steampunk fans and Necromancers. Whether looking for DnD dice or playing Pathfinder or Seven Seas, Skullsplitter has your dice bundle options well covered.

Glow In The Dark:

Black light lovers rejoice. Skullsplitter’s carries 7 different options of Glow in the Dark bundles for those who enjoy journeying on the dark side.


Glitter bundles are offered for those who like all things sparkles. You’ll find 27 different bundles of glittery DnD dice “perfect for rolling for faerie fire, rolling that awesome disintegrate damage, or just being fabulous.”

D100 - 100 Sided Die:

This collection of 15 various 100 sided die are designed for DnD, Pathfinder, or any other tabletop or RPG. Skullsplitter mentions they make great gifts and are perfect for stocking stuffers. Each D100 dice is 45mm and available in an array of different colors.


You’ll find a selection of 15 various D60 and D30 dice in both 25mm and 36mm sizes, available in an array of different colors.

SkullSplitter Metal Dice

Metal dice are also available in several different colors, including:

Metal dice are also offered in an antique, industrial, or shiny finish. 

You can also purchase metal dice by case, with six different cases available:

Single metal dice are also offered in D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4 options.

SkullSplitter DnD Dice

I have to say, Skullsplitter’s selection of DnD dice is impressive. I had no idea the world of Dungeons & Dragons was so multifaceted. After taking a deeper dive into this unfamiliar territory, Skullsplitter seems to have all their bases covered when it comes to DnD dice by various classes. Something I really appreciated was the link Skullsplitter offers a bit more information about each category for those who might be new to DnD dice.  

If you’re a DnD fan, we imagine you’ll find the following classes of DnD dice as extraordinary as I did.

Barbarian Dice:

Barbarians are a force to be reckoned with, relying on sheer brute strength and toughness to strike down their enemies. If you choose to be a Barbarian, you’ll find a HUGE selection of DnD dice that allow you to best connect to this energy to keep your friends safe and your enemies at bay.

Bard Dice:

Bards are the storytellers and songbirds of Dungeons & Dragons, their songs doubling as spells that help protect their friends and ward off their enemies. If you resonate with the Bard, you’re sure to find DnD dice that fit your own unique personality in the extensive options found in this class.

Cleric Dice:

Clerics main attribute is wisdom and can take the form of humans, dwarves, or elves. Skullsplitter carries a huge selection of DnD dice for those containing a Cleric spirit.

Druid Dice:

If I were to choose a DnD class, I’d likely be a druid. They live in the forest amongst the animals and use magic to protect the Earth from harmful beings like zombies, vampires, and other negative entities. Druid DnD dice come in several different options, seemingly offering something for every different druid personality.

Fighter Dice:

 Fighters are best when using weapons and armor. They’re also one of the oldest Dungeons & Dragons classes. Whether you’ve been a fighter since the 70s or 80s when D&D was first created or are an apprentice in the fighting class, you’ll find a large selection of DnD dice options to fit your own personal fighter style.

Monk Dice:

Thanks to Skullsplitter’s in-depth guide of their DnD dice class products, I learned that Monk’s use ki, the mystical energy that flows through living bodies, to enhance their physical power. If you resonate with the energy of the monk, you’ll find a plentiful selection of die that allows you to harness your power.

Paladin Dice:

Paladins are said to be one of the best classes in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Skullsplitter maintains that Paladin have a lot of role playing options and offers a sizeable selection of DnD dice that can help you step into whatever role you choose.

Ranger Dice:

Rangers are a lot like Druids in that they live separated from the rest of society in the forests or mountains. Rather than work with the energy of nature, Rangers live outside the city to protect the urban areas. While often mistrusted by urban folk, without Rangers urban life wouldn’t exist. If the Ranger resonates with you, this class of DnD dice will help you protect your friends and keep your enemies far.

Rogue Dice:

Rouges are the thieves and criminals of Dungeons & Dragons, adept at burglary, pickpocketing and assassination. Whatever role of Rouge you step into, you’ve got plenty of DnD dice options to choose from. 

Sorcerer Dice:

You don’t need to be a D&D fan to know that sorcerers are full of magic. While considered to be less powerful than wizards because of their restricted spell list, they’re nonetheless full of magic of their own right and are believed to hold two powers that offer an advantage against other spellcasters: Sorcery Points and Metamagic. You’ll find plenty of DnD dice available to fit your Sorcerer spirit easily available on SkullSplitter’s website.

Warlock Dice:

Warlocks are considered one of the most versatile of characters in Dungeons & Dragons. Skullsplitter maintains that the Warlock is a great option for those who “want to boost their combat skills with magic or focus on their skills as a spellcaster.” If the Warlock is a role you’d like to take on, you’ll find this DnD dice class perfect for your needs.

Wizard Dice:

The Wizard is one of the most powerful players in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. This DnD dice set is what Wizards need to harness your intelligence and increase your concentration and perception to land more spells and tap into your supernatural knowledge.


Skullsplitter is a one-stop-shop for all your dice gaming desires. They seem to have countless DnD dice options, as well as a website packed full of all the information you need when taking on the role of a role player. 


It’s clear that Skullsplitter is passionate about the products they provide. The Skullsplitter team is immersed in a business doing what they love…and it shows. 


This is truly a company I’d recommend to anyone interested in rolling DnD dice into their own world of fantasy.

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