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Modexus is brand new on the scene here in 2020. It is now March 31’st and their official launch was yesterday. We signed up for their pre-launch group a few months ago so that we could learn more about them and see what other people were saying. We like to get in early so that we can provide you with information as quickly and accurately as possible.


Like many directs sales companies, or MLMs, their products have been on the market for a little while. Sort of like a beta test, to make sure that there was a public demand for this sort of thing. We were able to get our hands on them and check them out.


As is our standard practice here at Product Review Hero, we will walk you through the background of the company. Then we’ll dive into the details of their products. Lastly, I’ll go over the business opportunity they are offering. If you want to skip ahead to a certain section, just check out the Table of Contents below and click on where you want to go. And of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us. We are always glad to help!

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    What Is Modexus All About?

    The Company

    Modexus was founded by successful entrepreneur Andrew Rinehart as a way to put into practice a vision he had about what a direct sales company should, and could look like. He brought on a team of people with experience in the network marketing industry, and together they put together the framework for Modexus.

    There were two specific things that we found to be unique and interesting while we were researching this new company.

    1. Modexus has developed a new type of compensation plan that they say is going to disrupt the direct sales industry. They call it the Smart Pay System, and they claim it is the most fair compensation plan out there (we’ll talk more about the Smart Pay System later). We looked it over, and it does indeed seem to be quite generous, and a lot simpler than some of the other ones we’ve seen.

    2. Unlike pretty much every other direct sales company we’ve seen, Modexus is not a product brand in and of itself. It’s more of an umbrella, or parent company, that creates and launches other brands. So basically, you join Modexus as a brand advocate and then every couple of years, they launch a new brand with new products for you to sell. You can keep selling the old products and growing that revenue stream, but you also have the option to open up a whole new source of income. We think it’s kind of ingenious really, and we are excited to see the results of this new and ambitious endeavor.

    LONICERA - The First Brand

    The very first brand under the Modexus umbrella, and the one they are launching their Brand Advocate program with, is LONICERA. LONICERA is based off of the newly discovered superfruit, Lonicera Caerulea. It’s a fruit that grows in the northern parts of Japan, Europe, and Canada, and has shown to be extremely beneficial to humans. Newly discovered is probably a misnomer, as this fruit has been used in traditional medicine by east asian cultures for centuries. However, until recently, it had not been widely known. 


    Lonicera Caerulea has reportedly been shown to be up to 25 times more potent in terms of antioxidants than other fruits, including blueberries. It has also been shown to support immune system function and cognitive and cardiovascular health.

    Modexus Products

    Modexus Products

    Modexus has transformed the Lonicera berries into two different products, Lonicera Longevity and Lonicera Lift. We will take a look at each one individually.


    LONICERA Longevity


    Modexus Lonicera Longevity
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    The ancient Ainu people of Northern Japan refer to Lonicera Caerula as the “fruit of long life and good vision”. Modexa has packaged these benefits into capsule form and is now making them available all over the world.


    Longevity is designed to help you feel and look your best by providing your body with the nutrients it needs for a long and healthy life. It aids in removing toxins from your body by supporting healthy liver function. It also uses powerful antioxidant compounds to support healthy cells and DNA.


    Longevity comes 60 capsules to a bottle which provides you with a 30 day supply. 




    Modexa Lonicera Lift
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    Lonicera Lift, is the world’s first Lonicera berry based performance super product. It’s proprietary formula helps to increase your energy, focus, clarity, and mood. The energy boost that you get feels similar to the effects of caffeine, but it doesn’t make you jittery and there is no crash when it wears off. 


    Unlike some products that you have to take for weeks to begin seeing results, you can feel Lift working from the very first day. It comes in both capsules and powdered form, and each bottle contains a 30 day supply.


    LONICERA Tranquility


    Tranquility is the newest release from Modexus, and is dietary supplement based on the Lonicera fruit that is designed to help you relax. This proprietary blend of natural products promotes good sleep, reduces anxiety, and supports healthy blood pressure.


    We are excited about this addition to the Modexus family.


    The Modexus Opportunity

    Team Building

    As we mentioned at the beginning, sign-ups are currently open for Modexus. The Brand Ambassador sites are fully up and running, so you can sell products as well as begin team building. According to Modexus, it is a good time to sign up, because as they continue to enroll new ambassadors, they will be adding un-sponsored ones to the teams of those who signed up first. 


    This is a great way to build your team early and and gives you an opportunity to make real money down the road. After you enroll, you will receive a replicated site that you can send people to if they are interested in joining your team. It’s pretty simple at this point. It contains a video about the opportunity, some testimonials, and a link to join your team, but it gets the job done.


    This brings us to everyone’s favorite part… the comp plan. 


    The Modexus Compensation Plan

    MLM compensation plans are notoriously complicated and difficult to explain. It usually takes charts, graphs, and videos, and then you finally give up and forget about it. That being said, Modexus’s comp plan is much simpler than we are used to seeing. 


    As we previously mentioned, they call it the “Smart Pay System” and claim that it is the most fair payment plan in the direct sales industry. It does seem like it provides ambassadors with the opportunity to make good money recruiting and selling products. 


    One thing we really like about it is that it doesn’t have any complicated tree-like systems, where you have to have “x” amount of active legs here and “y” amount of affiliate teams there in order to get paid. It’s much more simple than that. You get paid on 7 levels of the people that you recruit with the opportunity to also make a percentage of total company commission volume.


    Modexus has put together a nice little brochure about the Smart Pay System. You can access it by clicking the button below. 


    Join The Product Review Hero Modexus Team

    Whenever we review a direct sales company, we always join them ahead of time so that we can provide you with accurate, up to date information about both the products and the opportunity. If, after doing our research, we feel like the company is solid, that their products are good, and that the business opportunity would be helpful to our readers, we often stay with the company and offer to let our readers join our team.


    As a member of the Product Review Hero Team, you will have access to our extensive knowledge of and experience in the direct sales industry. We provide you with free training resources to help you succeed in your business, personal support with questions and tech issues, as well as access to any promotional images and resources that we create.


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