Left Coast Kratom: The Complete Review

Another Kratom Review?

If you are a regular reader of our site you might have noticed that we’ve reviewed a couple of Kratom companies before. So, when Left Coast reached out to me and asked if we would be interested in reviewing their company, I was tempted to say no. I thought we already had the best Kratom suppliers on our website. 


However, since I try to be a pretty nice guy, I told them I would research their company and get back to them. Now, If I would have discovered another run of the mill online Kratom store, I would have politely declined to write the review and moved on. But that isn’t what I found. 


What I found, is a company that is as good or better than any I have seen so far. A company that infuses quality and dedication into everything they do. A company that is rated as being “excellent” on Trustpilot. And so, I dug in, did some more research, and wrote the review. 


These guys are truly at the top of their game, and for that reason I am excited to offer them to you as a trusted source of top quality Kratom.


Product Review Hero does not in any way express an opinion either for or against the use of Kratom. This is a review of Left Coast and the quality of the services and products they provide, not a review of Kratom itself.

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The Left Coast Kratom Difference

I know I’ve said all these nice things about Left Coast, and you are probably wondering what it is exactly that makes them so special. We are going to get into that here. 

We’ll take a look at who they are, how they run their business, and what they are doing to make sure they are putting only the highest quality products out into the marketplace.  

About Left Coast Kratom

Left Coast Kratom is family owned, and is based right here in the USA, in Portland, Oregon to be exact. 


They were inspired to start their company in 2017 after seeing the large number of Kratom vendors in the industry that were turning out poor quality products and providing downright bad customer service. 


They knew they could do better and decided to build a company based on top quality products, unbeatable customer service, and customer education. 


That’s right, one of Left Coast’s goals is to provide free educational resources to anyone who desires to learn more about the world of Kratom.

Left Coast Kratom's Quality Standards

The Kratom industry in America is still young and is largely unregulated. 


The American Kratom Association has set up a GMP (good manufacturing practices) Standards Program to help ensure that Kratom consumers are getting products that are both safe and consistent. In order for a business to qualify for the GMP Program, they have to commit to following strict manufacturing and processing standards. They are audited yearly and must pay an annual fee to be part of the program.

Left Coast Kratom Logo
left Coast Kratom GMP

We would consider this to be sort of a baseline for quality assurance. If a company is not GMP compliant then you probably shouldn’t be buying Kratom from them. 


Left Coast is not only GMP compliant, they go above and beyond these requirements to make sure that their customers receive only the best of the best. Here are some of the ways that Left Coast Kratom sets themselves apart from their competitors.

Left Coast Kratom's Educational Resources

As I mentioned earlier, Left Coast makes it a priority to educate the public on the use of Kratom. To this end, they have lots of educational resources on their website, spanning topics from traveling with Kratom and Kratom pronunciation, to understanding Kratom alkaloids and how Kratom impacts the economy. 


If you are interested in learning more about these topics and more, visit the Resources Section of their website.

Left Coast Kratom Products

Left Coast has their products divided into three main categories; powder, extracts, and capsules. We will take a deeper look at each category as well as a list of their best sellers. Then I will talk a little bit about their rewards program, which is the best one I have seen in the Kratom industry.

Left Coast Kratom Top Sellers

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to buying Kratom, why not start here? This is a collection of Left Coast’s most sought after products. 


These powders, extracts, and capsules are tried and true and have hundreds of five star reviews from previous customers. Left Coast includes lots of information about each one on their website so you know exactly what you are getting.


Left Coast Kratom Powder & Leaf

Left Coast offers a large catalog of best in class ground kratom. You can get it in powder or leaf form, with powder being a more finely ground form of leaf kratom. 


Often times, kratom in these forms is used to make tea. It can also be mixed with food, drinks, or put into capsules and swallowed.


You will notice that the different selections are referred to as green, yellow, red, or white “vein”. If you are new to the world of kratom, you may be wondering what this means. This simply refers to the different strains of kratom which have different flavors and also different effects on the body. 


Left Coast has lots of useful info on their site, explaining more about the strains and helping you pick the one that is right for you. They even have helpful tips and suggestions for new kratom users.

Left Coast Kratom Extracts

Extracts are a more concentrated form of Kratom, much like espresso is a concentrated form of coffee. You will notice that the prices of the extracts are a bit higher, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.


All of Left Coast’s extracts are double lab tested, and of course they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Left Coast Kratom Capsules

These are simply your favorite powders and extracts packaged into nice, easy to swallow capsules. 


For those times when it isn’t convenient to make tea or mix a drink, kratom capsules can really come in handy. Another benefit of taking kratom this way is that you don’t taste it. Kratom tea is quite strong and some people have a hard time getting accustomed to it. If that’s you, try these capsules.


Lastly, some users have reported having fewer side effects when using capsules as compared to using other forms of Kratom. This might be something to consider if you have ever had any negative side effects.

Left Coast's Loyalty Program

These guys have a really fantastic loyalty program, which is another testament to their great customer service. It is free to join and it tracks all of your purchases, unlocking higher levels of discounts as you continue to  be a loyal customer. Basically, the more you spend, the more you save.


The great thing is, these levels don’t get reset every month, or even every year. They last for the lifetime of your account. This can add up to some pretty big savings, and is a great incentive to shop with Left Coast.


The more I have learned about Left Coast the more impressed I have become. From all accounts they are honest, helpful, and stand behind their products.


Even in established industries it can be difficult these days to find companies with stellar customer service. It’s especially rare in an industry with little to no regulation. That’s what makes Left Coast shine so brightly. They go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. They promise, then they deliver.



If you are looking for a place that you can trust to buy kratom online, look no further.

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