RovR Cooler: The Complete Review

Camping is a singularly exhilarating experience. It provides the opportunity to breathe deeply of the fresh air, drink up the visual feast that only the great outdoors can offer, and commune with nature. It’s a chance to get away from the demands of daily life and relax, whether you’re rolling solo or reconnecting with family and friends.


So the last thing you want to do is haul loads of stuff from your truck to your campsite when you arrive (and pack it all out again when you leave). Coming prepared with plenty of food and water is wise, but consolidation is the name of the game when you want to ensure an efficient and convenient camp setup.


This is where RovR coolers come into play, with all-terrain, tow-ready food storage that’s designed to help you get all your dietary necessities to your campsite in one trip. They make loading and unloading faster and easier than ever before.


There’s a lot to love about RovR’s Rollr series, including innovative design and a myriad of options to explore. Let’s dig into what makes this one cooler brand you can’t ignore.

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The Story Behind RovR Coolers

Like many riveting tales, it began with a dark and stormy night. Unfortunately, it happened on the first night of a camping trip, leaving the intrepid outdoor adventurers soaked as they hauled 20 loads of stuff to their campsite. 


As a result, a plan was hatched. To create a robust cooler that could get everything to the site in one trip, ideally without inconveniences like tipping over during transport or nipping at the heels the whole way. 


This was the humble beginning of RovR coolers, and the outcome was an innovative product that’s designed to address every possible gripe associated with the lesser coolers of old.

The Story Of Rovr

Products Designed by and for Campers

A cooler has one job when it comes right down to it. It has to keep food cold, ideally for as long as possible. RovR coolers not only deliver lasting cooling power, but there are also plenty of options to choose from, ensuring that every camper gets their heart’s desire.

RovR RollR 45


This 45-quart cooler is perfect for anyone who wants to pack a lot into a limited space. Offering up to 8 days of ice retention (depending on use), this cooler comes with a deep-freeze removable dry bin with two compartments.


It fits up to 24 cans and 10 lbs. of ice in the main compartment, along with 4-6 bottles of spirits upright in the dry bin, or any meats, bread, or produce you want to keep dry. Remove the bin to increase main compartment capacity to 60 cans and 10 lbs. of ice. 

RovR RollR 60


RovR Key Features

If you’ve got a bit more room or you need more stuff for a larger camping party, upgrade to the 60-quart cooler for greater capacity. It comes with the same deep-freeze removable dry bin with two compartments, but with a main compartment capacity of 40 cans and 10 lbs. of ice (or 60 cans and 20 lbs. of ice with dry bin removed). Enjoy up to 10 days of ice retention, depending on use.

RovR RollR 80


RovR Key Features

Whether you’re camping with the family or you just need to keep a ton of cans cold for your summer BBQ, this sub-zero cooler has everything you need, including an 80-quart capacity and a deep-freeze removable dry bin with three compartments.


Fit up to 88 cans and 10 lbs. of ice in the main compartment (or 50 quarter pound hamburgers and a full rack of ribs), along with over 6 bottles of spirits that can be stored upright in the dry bin. Remove the dry bin to increase main compartment capacity to 120 cans and 20 lbs. of ice. Enjoy up to 10 days of ice retention, depending on use.


RovR Colorado 85


With 85-quart capacity, you’ll get a little extra interior wiggle room over the Rollr 80, just in case an extra cousin shows up for the family BBQ.

Handy Extras

There’s certainly a lot to love about RovR coolers, which come in a range of sizes and colors, but you’ll also like the extras and accessories that add real convenience to any camping trip.


When you’re outfitting your RollR series cooler, be sure to check out gear like the:

Benefits of Choosing RovR Coolers

Beers In, Bears Out

Capacity and cooling power are important aspects of choosing a cooler, but it never hurts to include features that make life easier for the average camper. RovR coolers have functional features in spades.


Let’s start with the fact that these coolers are certified grizzly bear resistant, thanks to a rotationally molded body and lid, complete with lock points that are designed to keep beers in and bears out. The lid also offers anchor pins for attaching your handy prep station and other accessories.


Premium cooling of up to 10 days (depending on model and usage) is attributed to the combination of high-density foam insulation and an airtight gasket that keeps cold in and air out, preserving freshness and food safety.


Rubber latches and a fast flow drain plug with a gasket round out the airtight assembly, and rubber non-skid feet keep your cooler right where you put it.

RovR On The Go

What about transporting your cooler? Here, too, you’ll find a laundry list of features to love. First, there’s the high-performance wheel assembly, with 9-inch, all-terrain, puncture-resistant rubber tires, complete with interchangeable tubes, aluminum hubs with 2 sealed bearings, and a 12.5mm stainless steel axle. Drag over gravel, rocks, or sand with ease.


There’s also the telescopic handle, made from aluminum with comfort padding, for easy towing and increased leverage whether you’re a righty or a lefty. The offset design prevents the RovR from hitting your heels during towing.


Finally, you’re sure to love the wagon and removable storage bin. Attach to the top of your cooler and pop it up for extra towing capacity, then collapse it at your campsite to create a comfy seating pad or remove it completely for separate storage.


RovR products even come with a 5-year limited warranty, ensuring that they’ll stay strong for years to come. 


The RovR Overview

There are good coolers and bad ones. People who rarely camp might not know (or care about) the difference. Then there are truly exceptional coolers made for avid campers who understand that the devil is in the details. RovR coolers fall into this category.


If you want a product that meets every need — from cooling, capacity, and organization to keeping bears at bay — to making your trek to the campsite a heck of a lot easier, RovR has got you covered.

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