Skiplagged : The Complete Review

Skiplagged: Saving You Hundreds on Travel with Unconventional Flight Searches

There’s no shortage of websites and apps that claim to be able to help you save money on flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements. What you might not know is that many of these sites don’t actually provide very good deals — or at least not the best deals. They don’t search for certain flight types, and if you’re not a member of the platform, these sites may hide some of the lowest prices from you.


Unfortunately, you might not have time to sift through airline and hotel websites on your own in search of valuable loopholes that can save you a ton of money.


This is where Skiplagged comes to the rescue. They bring you prices you won’t find anywhere else, thanks to a unique algorithm that accounts for the complexities of flight patterns and finds loopholes like “hidden city flights.”

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What is Skiplagged?

Skiplagged was born from the realization that consumers were getting stuck with an inefficient and overpriced travel planning experience. They developed the website and mobile application out of a desire to be the first travel company that genuinely worked for the benefit of consumers, providing prices they wouldn’t find anywhere else.


The goal was to offer information other travel booking portals didn’t provide, including data about loopholes designed to spot the lowest prices. With this information, Skiplagged would empower consumers to make the best decisions about spending their hard-earned money. Much like we do here at Product Review Hero!

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This passion led to the creation of a unique algorithm designed to search for the lowest prices, no matter what. That includes hidden city flights that airlines don’t want travelers to know about.


With a lightning-fast search portal and a commitment to serving the customer, Skiplagged — founded by 21-year-old Aktarer Zaman in 2013 — has become a recognized name among travelers interested in finding the lowest prices on flight and hotel bookings.

What Are Hidden City Flights?

When the average person searches for a flight, they enter the location they’re leaving from and their intended destination. Of course, when you exit a flight, the plane continues to its next destination. 


What if you booked a flight to the next city on a given airplane’s itinerary? Could it save you money? 


The term “hidden city flights,” sometimes referred to as the point beyond ticketing, pertains to the practice of booking a flight for a city beyond your destination but then getting off early.


Say, for example, you want to travel from Los Angeles, CA, to Dallas, TX, but the flights are too expensive. You might find that a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta, GA, with a layover in Austin, for example, is less costly. So you book the longer flight and simply get off in Austin without ever getting on the connecting flight to Atlanta. This is the idea behind hidden city flights.

Skipplagged Hidden City


Naturally, the airlines don’t want you to do this – they want to sell as many seats as possible on every flight. They will not make this option available to you when searching for flights from Los Angeles to Austin. Not every itinerary you plan will have hidden city routes, either – they usually only exist between major hub cities for different airlines.


With that being said, hidden city flights are the specialty of Skiplagged. When they exist, you can find them with this innovative platform. When the option appears, the final leg (the one you’ll skip) will be crossed off on the itinerary, with your “layover” city appearing as your final destination. The airlines will be none the wiser. 


Skiplagged's Price Graphs and Tracking

Even with hidden city flights providing a whole new avenue for potential savings to explore when you travel, you might still want to comparison shop flexible dates, see pricing changes, and track flight prices to see if they change. Skiplagged offers price graphing and flight monitoring features to help.


Once you enter your flight search parameters and the available flight options populate, you’ll be able to access the price graph feature, which appears in the upper right-hand corner of the website or the bottom of the screen on the app. 


This shows you prices for surrounding dates, recent changes in costs, and predictions for future pricing, all to help you decide which itinerary to purchase and whether to wait for lower pricing. 


You can also set alerts to track flights so that you can get updates on pricing when you log in to the website. On the app, just tap the heart icon for the flights you want to track.


Understanding Dual Booking Links


In order to find the very best prices for your desired travel dates, times, and destinations, Skiplagged will go to some extreme lengths. This could potentially mean routing you through different cities and airlines. When this happens, you may notice something strange on your itinerary:  Two booking links.


This can be confusing if you’ve never used the site to book before or if you’ve only encountered a single booking link for past purchases.


When you see two booking buttons for the departure and return portions of your itinerary, it’s because the cheapest flights are on separate airlines. Alternatively, it may be due to other unconventional booking tactics, like booking two one-way tickets (instead of a single round-trip flight) or pairing flights the airlines wouldn’t usually put together, for example. 

Flight routes are a complex affair. To find the very best prices, Skiplagged conducts in-depth research in the blink of an eye. The good news is that you save time and money by letting Skiplagged do the heavy lifting for you! 


Benefits of Choosing Skiplagged

Choosing Skiplagged for your travel booking needs could deliver several benefits. The website and app:


As if the savings weren’t enough to hook you, Skiplagged also offers a rewards program, complete with travel credits you can put toward your next booking. You’ll get $10 for signing up and earn $25 per booking. 

You’ll earn another $25 every time you share a flight or hotel booking with a Skiplagged link, resulting in another person booking a flight or hotel. Track credits on your interactive dashboard and redeem them toward the price of future travel. 

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Final Thoughts

Skiplagged may not conform to the recognized MO of other travel sites, but what they do, they do well. With options to book at the best rates using hidden city flights, one-way flights, and other loopholes that airlines and travel booking sites don’t typically offer, you can save a ton with Skiplagged.

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